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F-16C NSI/PW 229 Conversion set for Tamiya block 50 CJ kit

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Complete conversion set for making the Tmiya F-16CJ kit into a block 42/52 aircraft.








With our intake, you loose none of the kit features in the Cannon Bay.
















Price is $60 + Shipping


And here is  a teaser of the early work in making the LW landing gear doors and parts for future Backdate and conversion kits based on the Tamiya CJ.    IF there is interest in Academy versions of the Backdate, ADF, and MLU Conversions sets, please let me if there is a need for this as well.





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In stock at Sprue Brothers for the Tamiya F-16CJ kit.   Available with the 229 or 220 PW engine in a complete set, to the intakes are sold separately in both NSI and MCID sizes.


http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32016.htm.  PW 229 set


http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32017.htm.  PW 220 set


http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32051.htm.  Tamiya MCIS Largemouth intake


http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32061.htm.   Tamiya NSI Small mouth intake


http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32047.htm.    Academy PW 229 Engine set


http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32048.htm.     Academy PW=220 Engine Set



Lots of F-16 stuff coming in the next year for Tamiya kit, including aTwo seat conversion set and MLU update set just to name a few of the planned offerings.


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