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Very interesting step by step build, and a lot of good ideas. :)

I'm building the same in 1/32, from the Trumpeter Mig-21MF and the Icaero conversion as well. Very funny build. But i put it aside for a few weeks, too, as i also have a lot of other builds at the same time.



Just an information : you said the nail polish remover has a bad reaction with the platic (because of the acetone) when you clean your seams of Mr surfacer or Squardon putty. You can use some Tamiya lacquer thinner or Gunze Mr Color thinner instead. It's as efficient as the nail polish remover, but it's totally harmless for the plastic.

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Thanks, my friends!   It's a project outside my comfort zone, and I'm learning a lot from it.  I hope to get a little bench time in today, as the kit for my first magazine article build hasn't yet arrived.  I'm really excited about that, and the subject is an old favorite that I've been itching to build.  Stay tuned- and cheers!


Here's a bonus- I know it's been reviewed here before, but you may enjoy it. 












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