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Thanks, gents!  The good news is that we are in our new home on Whidbey Island, Washington, USA- and things getting settled in.  The storage pod in which the MiG (and lots of other stuff) is on it's way to nearby Everett, on the mainland.   Once it gets in we can have a local moving company bring it all over and I can get back to modeling!   In the meantime, I will soon review a new product that will make a lot of folks on this site happy- so stay tuned! 

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Awww Man...Whidbey Island?!?! Put that in the "Make the others jealous" thread.... "Just moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest!"

Mmmmmm....salmon....crab....Puget Sound oysters....great...now I'm hungry.


Why the move? health? Employer? Military? Family? Originally from there? From what part of the country did thou leave behind?


Would like to move there. Wife wants warm, AZ/NM...I want the Sea/Tac area.





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Hi, Dave- My wife's brother and his wife live here, and we're all great friends.   I have plenty of friends in the Seattle area as well.  I'm working freelance from home, and my wife is a pediatric physical therapist.  She can find a job most anywhere, and did get one here, before we even moved.  We'd been thinking of moving in 5 years or so.  The real estate market made the decision for us to go now- it was too high in CA to not sell, and we found a place here we love. One step closer to retirement- and now we have more stamina to do a big move as well.  The pluses just kept adding up, and here we are.

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Hello Chukw,


hope all is well and this blizzard is not giving you too much hassle.


Just dropped by like Dave to see if there was any updates.


no doubt you are probably chiselling away like  a beaver in the background on this build.


Have fun and be safe if the snow is there .



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Thanks for waiting, guys!   :)


Kapitan Andrea and I are back in gear! The move went well, and we're adapting to our new lives in a new home and anew place.  I won't say it was entirely easy, but we've persevered. I was able to get back to the bench in early December, but this is the first time I've been ready to post again- read on!  











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