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Hello everyone,


This is my Me 262 by Academy. The markings and paint scheme represent "Black 4." This Me 262 served with JG7 and was found abandoned at an airfield in Prague. The decals are mostly from Cutting Edge. I used Tamiya paints, including AS 23(light green), AS 24 (dark green),and AS 5 (light blue). Based on my interpretation of the black and white photos and commentary I've read about "Black 4," I went for an overall RLM 83 upper-surface. For the replacement nose section,I tried to make it look like a very light shade of RLM 76. I sprayed multiple coats of Tamiya AS5 and TS 27 (Matt White) in an attempt to achieve this effect. 


Enjoy! Please let me know what you think. :)















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Jon, that looks terrific - the mottle is really convincing, hard to believe it's 1/72.


Your images appear as a link to photobucket ... if you can copy-past the BBcode (it starts "[img ...") then it will appear in line with the post.




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Thanks guys for the interest and comments. :) Also, Kevin thanks for editing the pics! And Clumsy Dude, I'm glad you told me about the BB code. :) For the mottling, I used templates made by Airwaves. It would have been a lot harder for me to have done the mottling without the templates! Just for kicks, I've posted here an original photo of "Black 4." I am absolutely in love with the Me 262. 





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