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Hi Guys, all done. So happy to have a new baby model in the world weighing....I don't know? Anyway she came into the world at 2am this morning and both baby Ju 88 and parent are doing well. I used in this model the following products...

Quickboost spinners (kit ones are too rounded at front)

Quickboost/Aires? Berlin nose

Quickboost flame dampers (kit ones have wrong shape)

Quickboost MG 131 barrel for C Stand

True Details wheels

My own AIMS photo etch sheet 48PE001

My own decal shees, 48D001,3 and 5 for markings, crosses and fuel cells

Metal tubing for all MG FF 20 barrels - 0.8mm if I remember correctly?


Didin't enjoy using my decals printed by Cartographe - look great but sod to place and I made many mistakes.


Still love Xracolor RLM 76 but the Humbrol enamel 246 advertised as RLM 75 is too light for mottle but perfect as a solid colour like on the canopy frame. Anyway for an aircraft principly in two main colours I managed to get a subject with six body colours plus two reds, plus the RLM 70 of props/spinners and the RLM 66 of the Oleo struts so very happy.


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Thanks guys. Just a note - I am going to finish my 1/32 Mistel 3 soon and it also has the clouds on it - but just on the fuselage, I have looked at the RLM paint charts again and I think the only colour that matches the contrast is RLM 67 which is a white with a pint tint - perhaps also used for those block tactical markings soon on B of B Ju 88 A-1s?

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