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Meng's Walter HWK 109-509a Rocket Motor


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A few weeks ago I had completed and posted my Meng Me 163B Komet (RFI here), which I had finished all buttoned up. During construction, and despite the fact that it would never be seen again once I closed the fuselage, I nonetheless painted and assembled the nifty little rocket engine:





As you can see, it builds up into an impressive little model in its own right, so I contacted Meng to see if I could get another motor to display along side the finished model. For the price of the postage, they kindly provided me with the relevant sprues. This time I decided to add a bunch of extra detail from brass rod, solder wire, and nuts and washers punched from sheet styrene, for example:



And here's the final result:













Just for fun, a stereogram.


Cross your eyes such that your left eye is looking at the right hand image and vice-versa, and then try to bring it into focus.




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With just a few bits of wire and plastic you've turned what is already a lovely model into a masterpiece. Really neat workmanship, superb painting and good photography too. Well done! I wish I could do half as well.


I noticed a teeny weeny data plate on one of the internal gizmos, it just brings the model to life.




Bruce Crosby

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Guest Peterpools


Outstanding work and Kudos to Meng for proving a second set of parts for just postage

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