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New Cockpit Pictures F-4C/D and RF-4C

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F-4C,   comes in your choice of Mk 5 or Mk 7 Seats  





















RF-4C Recce teaser pictures.   These are availible in both an early version with your choice of Mk 5 or Mk 7 seats and a later ARN-101 version.    Sets are for the reveal RF-4 C kits and the Tamiya kit using the Avionic solid nose, or our planned release of a Tamiya Recce Conversion Set later this year.    Photos are from my fit test.  I will have better ones up next week, but at least this will give you an idea of what is included.









All sets will be $45 + shipping,


Thanks everyone for your continued support and input.



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Hi everybody,

I recently purchased the above kit and just started looking at it but, probably because of my knowledge of English/American isn't too good, I have some difficulties in understanding which exact parts of the Tamiya kit need to be removed to install the resin tub. Can someone help me? May be with pictures other then those printed on instruction sheet? Many thanks in advance.


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Finally....will be able to build an early RF-4C in the gull gray over white scheme! Hopefully in the future a RF-4E pit and rounded nose so I can build a grey Israeli RF-4E!! :m0152: 

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Just got your kit. Great work! Unfortunately I am somewhat of a "newbie" with resin. Do you possibly have a parts list and illustrations of how the side walls are attached. I am trying to replicate an RF I flew out of Udorn RTAFB IN 1970/71. I know it wasn't an ARN-101 (actually it was a Combat Thunder ARN-92 bird). The plane in question was 69-0349 wasn't initially equipped with the refaired nose but it was added later at the depot. Nevertheless I later became the USAF TAWC Project Manager for the -101. Any help would be appreciated.


Dick Brice Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)

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The side walls slide into the cockpit form the top after the tub is installed.   Make sure to remove the molded plastic details from the inside of the fuselage.

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