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My first one, and yes, another HKM B 25

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Yo yo.


First of all, everybody thanks for the kind words, rather encouraging.


Spent most of my time today drilling holes and fitting wire through them, so no spectacular progress. Should stick to OOB builds, goes a lot faster. Oh well.


So only a few shots.









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Hi people.


Survived another week-end and managed to get some more work done. I finally got the bomb bay finnished. Not the best  pictures, but I hope you get the general idea.


C ya.










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Hello everybody.


Here we are back with a small update.


In the beginning of the week I was wondering what I was going to do with the interior, build it OOB, or pimp it a little. I decided to go as far as I could go, with the references and pictures at my disposal. I'm going to try to put in as much that I can, though I know that most of it will not be visible. At least I know it is in there. So I started with the interior structure.


More soon. 
















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Well guys and dolls.


Let me first of all say sorry for being away for a while, but I've been on holiday to Bulgaria, after that I've been to the Graspop Metal Meeting and last week-end I went to Germany with my band to play two gigs. So not much modelling for the last three weeks. 

But the past few days, I finally managed to finish the interior of the right fuselage.

I tried to put in as much as I could and that was possible to reproduce.  Maybe a bit crude here and there, but most will be hidden anyway.

I took a few pictures without internal components and a few with everything put inside, 


I promise that it won't take as long as last time to make another post.


Hope you like it.































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What did you use for the side gun feed belts ? Very nice work......Harv :popcorn:

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I have this one on the bench too, mine will be a Dutch aircraft. Like very much what you have been doing. Good inspiration to

scractchbuild some interior structure.


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Short post to say thank you for the kind words and to answer Harv's question.


For the ammo feed belts I used flexible resin belts from a firm called "live resin" . They are actually in 1/35 scale and are meant to be used in armour modelling, but I don't think anyone will notice the difference in scale.  I got them at a modelling convention at the stand from the guys of the Sockelshop/Germany.( 1 bag containing 4 lengths of 5 cm each costed 7.50 euro) They also have an online shop, but I guess other vendors have them as well. Or else from 'live resin' themselves.


Anyway, now you know what I used.


Till next time.



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Short update.


Been working on the tunnel underneath the cockpit.




On the back of the cockpit bulkhead.




Some Eduard stuff in the cockpit.




And then I started to add the ribs. Starting at the back I came upon the side gunner's window when I realized that it is placed a bit too far to the back. Checking my references, I came to the conclusion that the window should be a bit nearer to the little airvent positionned just in front of it. For those who have it, take a look at page 58 of Squadron Signal's B 25 Mitchell Walk Around by David Doyle, and you know what I mean.

So, it was out with the windowframe.




This sight made me feel a bit uneasy.


Repositioned the frame.




And filled the void with some plasticard and putty.




Looks better already, but still a lot of sanding and rescribing to do.


That's all for now folks.



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