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I'm going to attempt to build a 1:32 B-58 from a set of paper model plans.


I purchased Ken West's plans from ecardmodels.com.


I started by cutting all the wing parts from 110lb cardstock as suggested. All of the inner structure parts are recommended to be further reinforced with a second layer of cardstock.


After cutting all the parts out and assembling the bits I determined that the paper aspect of this this is not for me. I'm a bit heavy handed. I decided to proceed but to cut the inner structure pieces out of .020 styrene, the inner skin from .010 styrene and the outer skin from .005 aluminum sheet, then paint on all the markings.


The first attempt to build the wing revealed some areas which could be improved upon. The kit is intended to be printed on U.S. letter sized paper so anything over about 10 inches in length requires sectioning. Since I'm working with 21 inch long sheet stock I decided to fuse the wing structure parts into single components for added rigidity. To do this I had to transfer the drawings into Illustrator and unite everything. 


When finished redrawing the wing parts, I will cut them out on some sign vinyl I have laying around and use those cuts as templates to place on the styrene for cutting. I can also use them for cutting the skins.


I tested my plan last night and it's going to work well. I figured I'd try something a little complex as the test. Canopy frame and glass seemed a likely choice.


Here is the result of that test. The outer frame is .005 aluminum and the glass is .005 clear styrene. The windows were cut out of the aluminum with a number 11 x-acto and the outer edge was cut with scissors. I need to work on the inner cutting method a bit but overall am happy with the test. Happy enough to decide to forge ahead.


I have no intention of adding any detail that would not be present on the paper version. It will be what it is, a paper model built with different material.


Here's the test part.






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1/32 scale Hustler....wow . thats nuts but I love it. Where are u gonna put in once done.?





If you think about it Oliver, the overall dimensions  are not that nuts (and actually are smaller) if you look at a current and soon to be released 4 engine bombers we have or WILL have coming......


 1/32nd B-17:

Length: 28 inches Wingspan: 39 inches


1/32nd Lancaster:

Length: 26 inches Wingspan: 38 inches



A 1/32nd B-58:

Length: 36 inches Wingspan: 22 inches.

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1/32 scale Hustler....wow . thats nuts but I love it. Where are u gonna put in once done.?


You are assuming it will pass inspection once done. If so, It may wind up hanging from the ceiling in the model room.

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Templates cut from vinyl.


5 feet of wing parts!



Weeded out and ready for premask.








Transferring to styrene sheet.




Transfer complete.




Premask removed and ready to start cutting. The fun begins.




That's it for today. Got some other stuff to do before I call it a day.

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