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Hasegawa 190D-9 big tail as a swedish J 26 Finished

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Almost cheating, this is what I found in a box yesterday:


Can't remember when I started this...many moons ago...


Very nicely done paper belts   :hmmm: poor mans etch.... almost invisible glue as well.


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Found out there is a complete Humbrol stand at Sagoland in Linköping @ 24 riksdaler stycket, 1 spänn cheaper than the Uppsala internet store :)


Lovely weather for an outside shoot of yesterdays second layer 11


Thinking of markings... F4 Frösön would've been my first choice as it protected us from those pesky norwegians, but I can't find its moose! I did find the F21 reindeer though. So maybe it'll be a J 26 based at F21 Luleå fighting the evil reds advancing from the east.

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