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Has anyone been struggling for replacement/missing parts?

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Maybe just me but has anyone been struggling with getting missing parts from these guys, I have in the the past had a missing part and a quick email has seen it arrive very quickly........perfect service I would definitely say.


However since the end January I have been trying to get a replacement tail wheel for my Typhoon and service has seemed to go badly wrong. I had a number of missing parts from a kit purchased at scale model world which I advised MDC about and everything came back to me within a few days apart from the tail wheel........awesome service again I thought and a quick email will sort this overlooked part and so I carried on with my clean up of my kit.


However for whatever reason MDC now fail to respond to my emails (even though I have a read receipt from them for each email but no response). I know they have closed the retail side now and are concentrating on their casting side so I thought this would no problem getting a missing part for a kit I purchased from them in good faith which it would now seem I will never be able to finish.........a huge waste of hard earned cash indeed!!


If this company where out of business /in administration I would have no problem but as they are still advertising that  this kit is still available all I can say is steer clear or maybe its just me having a bad experience and I'm sure if the guys at MDC read this they will have my contact details.


Regards. Andy

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I think there is a thread that says MDC RETAIL to close but in that thread there


is a link for enquiries etc....


The thread is in MDC sub forum. .here on LSP

See below. ...

hope that helps. .



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