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California Highway Patrol P-51D Pursuit plane- finished

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Back in the mid `80`s, the California Highway Patrol started using Ford Mustangs as patrol/pursuit cars. So for this What If build, what if they had used P-51 Mustangs instead? They certainly would have been fast enough to catch any speeders on the road. Plus there's the added benefit of six Browning 0.50cal to shoot up slow down any one trying to evade. Just think what the television show "World's Scariest Police Chases" would have looked like. Some bank robber fleeing in his car only to get strafed by the Mustang. Chase over.


I was looking to find an inexpensive Mustang kit for the build when I remembered this was in the stash:





I'd started a bit, mostly just filling in the rivets on the wings and stopped when the Tamiya kit was annouced. It definitely has less than 25% completed. I have ordered a set of CHP decals from Police Car Models and they are on their way.


I'm planning on doing black wings with a white fuselage. I'll add a FLIR pod on the centre line so it'll be an all weather capable aircraft. Just need to figure out a light bar :P



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I built one from a Monogram A-10, put the light bar across the top of the engines

But the 51 is faster :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Build the lights into the leading edge of the wings..........a thought




I'm thinking Slime lights in the leading edge of the wings.



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Commiefornia is exactly where I'd expect to see armed to the teeth P-51s flying around blasting people for doing 5 over. :rofl:


I'm looking forward to this build.

And it's a great place to use the less than stellar Dragon kit..

But 5 over is probably all they can manage with the traffic jams they get in California. Truth be told, I've heard we have it worse here in Toronto.



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