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Ecuadorian Bomb Truck (Kinetic Kfir)

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This is the 1/48 Kinetic Kfir done up as an Ecuadorian airframe. Camo painting is almost complete, I need to go back and fix up the overspray in a few places. The underside was painted black and then Gunze off white with a drop of red for a very pale pinkish hue. Still needs the identification triangles on the wing upper surfaces (most likely only the starboard side but references are few and far between, so there will be a little artistic license taken).


Ordnance wil be 16 Mk 82s off a MER, two TERs and then four front and rear pylons. Outboard will be two Shafrirs.


Comments and criticisms welcome. And I will get around to building something in 1/32 this year.......





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