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MIZZ Rhonda Kay 5/7 real update with PICS

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The spacing of the cylinders banks on the Trumpeter kit is ... fancyful (is that an appropriate term to describe politely an abomination ?)


This spacing would probably create unmanageable torsional loads on the master rods, and strange cooling air flows... Not sure they would be efficiently cooled.


But it's your what-if Project, Jack, so do what you like !



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  Thanks Hubert,


  Just taking kit parts and having fun building something else from them.


Plus I didn't have a spare R-4360 laying around, and it kinda looks COOL!  IMHO


It'll make for a long cowl, don't-ca think?


  Thanks for looking , and Please come back



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Well Gang,


  If I could put on paper what-it's in my mind then this would look great.

 Not to be,  Please excuse my 4 year old drawing ability .

This is where I'm kinda going with this, still working on the paint scheme

I don't want it to look like GULF HAWK 10

The long low canopy built into the front of the tail is the GEE-BEE part,  SORTA !

I'm considering extending the rear fuselage in front of the tail assembly 

She'll have a camera system for ground handling , take-off's and landings

Moving the cockpit back some too


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Thank You  Generalissimo,


   Yes Sir!     We have the capitalists completely fooled into thinking the our engine design was something that the

                   American Company Pratt & Whitney was designing, but would have major problems and therefore was not


                     Our Brothers in the Aero-Motor Research branch have worked diligently with Materials Bureau to create

                    the necessary metals of superior strength and balance to create the ultimate Radial Piston Engine.

                      Under the guise of the aforementioned  Capitalist company we are soon to have an aero plane of never

                    before power and speed.  We will enter this into the Decadent American Air Races in what is known as the

                    "Unlimited Class" in a desert location in the Nevada State Races that are carried out in the late summer in

                     the City of Reno.

                      As we speak a crew of our Superior aero-engineers are preparing an  American aircraft of the "Great

                     Patriotic  War" vintage that are used for the basis of these competition racing aero planes.  We also have employed 

                    a pilot who is qualified to fly in this competition and have what are known as "Sponsor's" that provide monies and

                    materials and all they ask is to put a decal on the aircraft.

                      Also the Race Committee provides over $1 million American Dollars to the aero plane that is the first to cross the

                    finish line.

                       I believe we are in the position to take from these capitalist, the Glory and their filth monies away from them for the

                      "Glory of the Motherland" and all For Comrades of the Peoples Democratic Republic.


           Comrade Jack

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How's This for an engine?   Generalissimo, I think our engineers have done the PDR  proud.

Figured out how I'm going to run the air induction side and probably make individual exhaust pipes.

Had to engineer a new way to get air to and exhaust from the engine by putting the intake on top of the head

I may make a collector ring for the exhaust, as 36 pipes might be a little too much

Looking for my 9 mags and how I'll detail the front cap.

Cut back the fuselage for the new canopy, but have to make sure the pilot can at  least see when

the plane is in level flight, though she doesn't sped much time straight and level.


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Looks terrific Jack! Does the spacing between the banks look a bit wide?

Holy corncob, Batman!

Probably for gear reduction units :rofl:

High speed crankshaft in the back by the accessory drive to run the hypersonic oil pump that will be needed to get oil the mile and a half to the front cylinders....

Then a low speed front bank so you can run a prop, not a blender.


Plus the added benefit of nice crankshaft whipping to set up a good vibration. It'll keep the pilot wide awake and give the ground crew something to do repairing stress cracks and replacing popped rivets.

I'd call it a Wright, though. We all know Pratt would never design such a beast, right!


I would extend the rear fuselage, though. I think the brakes MIGHT be just a bit touchy, along with the elevator being a tad sensitive....

Just sayin' from a pilot's point of view. We wouldn't want to bend that sure to be triple chrome plated prop while moving around on the ramp now, would we?

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Erniesto ,My Friend


     All these things are designed by the proper Bureaus in order to place this machine  First in the


     "Unlimited Class" Air Races  and gain the Prize monies for the Peoples Democratic Republic


      They are State Secrets, not to be shared at this time, only when we are successful in our venture


       will the possibility of the design be available to the Capitalist, Maybe in 50 years :evil_laugh:

       The Generalissimo and I have discussed the many advantages of dominating this race and bringing


       the monies from sponsors and winnings back to the PDR, We, the Workers are United in this effort to


       to take from the Greedy Capitalist the very thing they hold so dear. 


       So in conclusion My Dear Friend Ernesto, If I were to reveal to you the State Secrets of this most powerful


        piece of PDR engineering, I would have to consign you to the Dallas. A place of which you would not be happy  


        Your Friend and Comrade



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