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so, November 1942 and the planned invasion of England was successful - the Germans have over-run the UK aircraft industry and found many merlins ready for use...


..Kurt Tank standing in his office in the Derby works spills his coffee over some drawings and in dabbing it off thinks why not throw some of these merlins on my lovely Fw190...








..I figure it is easier to get forgiveness rather than permission - so apologies to Revell & Grey Matter...



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evening folks :)


..this is certainly an interesting distraction - actually I found myself rushing and getting filler & CA all over the place - so much so that I messed up some of the simple surgery needed to graft the bits together - oh well it is what it is, and for me it's a bit of fun and an opportunity to think f#ck it put your micrometer where the sun don't shine :ninja:  - I actually have a copy of the Führerbefehl telling me this from our own Mr Tank...



Looking forward to this one.


How will you camo it?    Dark Earth and Green on the nose and RLM 81,85,87 on the rest?





Hey Jack - in my minds eye its in silver with big red swastika bands like they had in the late 30's - only because I find alclad easy to shoot and I have a very limited imagination.. that said some sort of hybrid scheme has got me thinking...


Go work on your Tigercat sir!


That is all.



..good point.. I go to LA in a week to climb all over one and photograph it in (very) intimate detail - I seem to have stalled my F7F in anticipation of the trip..


anyways.. I have one actual build picture of the merlinwurger, though after this was taken the engine has been properly faired in and the wing / air intake worked out & fettled...




..she is ugly, but I think thats because my brain is programmed to see beauty in these parts when they are in the right context - all I need to do now is work out how to make it a Korean scheme with Police lights and an air-racing engine :whistle:






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Yup, we're programmed for the Jumo hanging off the mounts, not a substandard, trouble prone, valve swallowing mechanic's nightmare like the Merlin.. :rofl:


It needs a tail hook and RCN markings. It's almost as ugly as an early 50's late model Seafire.

Edited by Clunkmeister

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It looks like a 190 and 1/2 of a Mossie hooked up and had a ba$tard child out of wedlock.............  :lol:



This is a website, where we do not judge planes with alternative lifestyles... :whistle:

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