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So.... my A-10A N/AW with a two shot particle beam canon in the nose is out?  I will build it one day!  But darn anyways.


Yeah, could be a bit too sci-fi, that one!



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Doesn't qualify for this (1/72nd and done years ago) event, but thought I'd add this to the discussion.


Our club also did a 'fantasy' competition so this was a bit of fun.  The colors were kind of funky and it was my first attempt at using bare metal foil.


I took the floats from some strange kit I got from our monthly club raffle, I think it was an Italian float plane.  Of course, I got so focused on attaching the floats that I kind of neglected to check the prop clearance.  Oops!  Hence the cut-out at the front of the float.







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Hello all!! MY ME262 was a complete and abject failure, never really got off the ground and what little i did was terrible. So, i would like to re enter the GB with a Revell Bf109G Erla, the new tool kit as the Enemy Ace build.



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