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NEW! F-4E ARN-101 Super Set for Tamiya F-4E/Ej kits

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The new set with a full cockpit, Slat wings, TISEO, and Exhaust set.





  • Slatted outer wing set with easy install correct dihedral connection
  • TISEO with detailed camera and clear lens
  • Choice of three WSO panels to give you allow you to model any of the Later USAF “E† Phantoms whether they had ARN-101 or not
  • Correct F-4E instrument and side panels
  • Correct Dash with HUD camera, RHAW, and bomb delivery display
  • Detailed long exhaust with one piece burner tubes
  • Mk 7 seats with bellts
  • HOTAS throttles 
  • Windscreen IFF light bar and Compass
  • WSO frame mounted compass above top panel with mirrors



















UHF antenna is also included in the set, but missed the photo session.



Tamiya Super Sert Price $119 + shipping


The same set is available for the Revell F-4E MIg Killer kit.  I features the same cockpit with a Revell tub, exhausts as shown,  TISEO w/lens, ARN-101 Antenna,  and a correct fin cap


Price is $70 for the Super set, and $50 without the exhausts.


Thanks for your support

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We no longer make this set.   The exhausts and intakes are currently in stock at Sprue Brothers.  The Slat wing set with TISEO and ARN-101 parts will be at Sprue Brothers sometime in August.



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