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Vietnam F-4E Cockpit set for Tamiya F-4E/EJ kits

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This is a straight up cockpit set for the early F-4E Phantom.   The perfect cockpit to use if you are building a Vietnam F-4E using Zotz's fabulous decal sets!





  • Detailed one piece accurate tub with the correct Pilot and WSO side panel.  Initials as easily as the kit tub with screws!!
  • Correct pilot main panel and dash with the RHAW Display and weapons delivery computer display on top of the dash, along with the HUD mounts for the glass
  • Correct control stick front and back
  • Correct throttles with the early attempt at using HOTAS controls
  • Windshield frame in flight refueling light bar and compass
  • Canopy operation cylinder
  • Mk 7 ejection seats with belts
  • WSO lower panel and Radar scope
  • WSO main panel with early RHAW display
  • WSO frame mounted Compass with mirrors.  
  • Accurate Radar control stick
  • Analog right WSO instrument panel
  • Aircraft black boxes and INS box
  • Designed to use accept the Eduard Photo etched set to finish out the cockpit details not reproducible in resin


Price $45 + shipping 


More Pictures













Thanks for all of the support, I hop you guys and gals like these new sets........more to come    stay tuned!!



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Yes,     With-in two weeks, and it will be available with either Mk5 or MK 7 seats.  Price will be $45 + shipping


We are also making 50  C Weasel Limited Edition Sets for the nationals.  the set will include a full cockpit with C Weasel Panels,   Exterior antennas,  Decals for Kadena & Nellis Vietnam jets, All New LAU-34 launcher,  an All New AGM-45 Shrike missile with decals, ALQ-87 with Sparrow Bracket, Strike camera, AIM-7E2 S[arrow Missiles,  and J-79 short  exhausts.  Price has not been set yet, as I am still working on the last details of the kit.  IT will be a one of a kind set.   Our own Tony T. did all of the artwork for the decals and the instruction and they are just fabulous!  All of the parts are being 3D mastered.   More details in the next month.    



Thanks for the question,



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Hi. Need a 1/32 F-4C cockpit with the MK 5 seats. Where can i order?

Just PM me your pay pal info and shipping address, and I will invoice you.   

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There will also be an Vietnam ERA conversion to back date the Revell F-4E kit with the full cockpit, fin cap, and un-slatted outer wing panels.  The only cockpit part that is different from the Tamiya cockpit shown above is the tub is slightly different.  All of the other cockpit parts are included.  I hope to have the outer wings out of the mold this weekend and be able to post pictures of the set by Sunday.

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