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Airfix Mosquito 1/24 Inside and Out

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Hi Bob,


have to admit thats the good thing about a Mosquito. Not much scribing or riveting to do. Just a plane simple flat surface.


Thants for the info regarding the fasteners and rivet sizes. Seems like now I'll have to get some of those small rivets I found and try the,  with a diameter of 0.2mm thats going to be an interesting task.


Glad you like my build.




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Back after 4 weeks vacation and a fair bit of drilling.


This weekend I managed to get the wing to a state that I think if suitable to start detailing. Apart from adding a maintenance hatch for the ailerons. I placed a spare in the tank bay and also decided to do a reasonable amount of chopping around on the Alley Cat hinges to make them fully functional.


All fastener holes have be backed by .025 poly.


I have made a rig to drill .4mm holes inside them later, so that I can add .6mm rivets inside once the final coat has been added.


Anyhow  here are some pics. "Hope you enjoy them"


1. Wing Overview



2. Radiator Hatch








3. Aileron Hatch








to be continued....

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4. Tank Bay Hatch








5. Alley Cat Hinge rework.

I have scraped away part of the hinge / wing construction to add poly strips once the wing is assembled.

This in my eyes is necessary to be able to assemble the hinges.



Next steps are fairly simple and should progress a bit faster ( I hope ).


1. Detailed sanding

2. Finishing off details on the hatches. Will be referencing some of Anthony's photos for this.

3. Assembling the tanks from balsa wood and coating with filler.

4. Rebuilding the Radiators to fit the new construction and adding pipes, wiring etc.


Comments and Questions are as always welcome!




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Hey Mike!

I was just working at scribing the ground power socket on to the port side of the fuselage and was thinking about your project and other things Mosquito :innocent: .  I just put it down to make a cuppa and log onto my favourite website and see your wonderful update!


That is some serious work you are doing there.....Do I like it??  I LOVE it!


Don't forget to contact me if you need any photos or help.


I look forward to seeing your radiators, I have hit the wall with mine, but will overcome it.


Thanks for the inspiration


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Hey mike, no problem mate...glad to have unknowingly helped!


There are a couple of drains or vent tubes on the airframe like on the rear of the nacelles and an ASI drain on the rear fuse just in front of the tailwheel.


Email me if you need anything




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Hello All!


after three weaks (I like that PUN ! ) of frustration and challenges I finally managed to get the tanks more of less as I planned.


But First:

Thanks for the compliments!

@Mark: What ever you do don't quit the hobby. I'd feel bad for the rest of my life. I must admit that I probably made 3 sets of tanks before I was satisfied and the wife was p... off because of all the dust. I've seen plenty who build a lot better than I do and in shorter time. :whistle:


@Kev: Not so great only 1/24 !


Anyhow here it comes.


Unit 8 Wing Tanks

I made the tanks from old bits of balsa wood I had laying in the cellar. So sawing and sanding and dust. The aluminum belts were made from an energy drink can. Lots cheaper than buying! The rest is steel wire and polystyrene. The main task was getting the color of the outer coat of the tanks right. The tanks were made of aluminum originally and covered with Lynatex, at least that's what I can make out. Perhaps Anthony can confirm this.


First an overview of all four wing tanks.



Two photos of each set of Tanks





The aluminum belts were intentionally added before the paint fully dried and then the Lynatex was painted on building up the layers. The idea was to give the impression that the belts are cutting into the Lynatex.

Not sure if that's authentic but it did seem to be a good idea to me.


I regretfully ran out of decals and am currently waiting for my transfer paper to arrive to be able to finish of the last tank seen in the second picture.


As always after making the first set of photos I decided I needed to do a rework on the belts. I have the impression that they look better in real. :thumbsup:


Next Unit will be

Unit 9 Radiators.


I hope this will be a bit quicker than the tank build, but I have the feeling it won't.


As usual comments and questions always welcome.




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Hey Mike, that is looking superb.  I always love it when I see your update!


I love the way you have approached the self sealing layer over the aluminium fuel cells, looks spot on, well done. The only comment (if I may) is that the tank bays should be white not green.  Sorry, but you have done so much I want it to look right as well!!!


Great work indeed and very inspiring.


I cant wait to see your radiators as I need to re-look at mine as well.  Once I have finished off these bomb bay doors (and now ailerons) I really need to sort mine.


Thanks again for such a great update




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