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Airfix Mosquito 1/24 Inside and Out

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Hi Antony,


I'll probably be starting on the radiators end of week. Will keep you informed about progress etc..


Anyway time for

Unit 4

Section above wing, or better above bomb bay containing Radios, Distributor and Life Raft.

There's a historical deviance here. Although many mosquitos had two radios installed here I have mine in the rear fuselage. These were placed so that when looking through the cut out for the life raft there is actually a bit more to see.











Next Unit 5 will be Main fuselage containing Hydraulic controls and tanks and Radio #1


Hope you enjoyed all the pics.




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Hi Mal,


glad you like the ideas I've had. Here's the rest of the current build.


Time for

Unit 5

Inner fuselage rear of bomb bays and including hydraulics and Radio I


















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As you have probably noticed some images of the assembled fuselage crept into Unit 6


Unit 7

Fuselage port wall control cables and radio II

Together with unit 7 came the assembly of the fuselage halves. Surprisingly it went very well and only a few problems arose. The support struts behind the seats will need to be made new. Also the hinge for the instrument maintenance door will probably be made new. Currently I assembled a provisional photo etch.


















Case Closed. Or better fuselage.Work on the fuseage will resume after wing assembly.


After 3 hours laying in a dentists chair I finally drew up a plan for the radiators.


1. Maintenance doors will be removable and held in place using small magnets.

2. The air exit panel behind the radiators will be hinged. Closed using magnets.

3. Struts incorporated in the radiator compartment.

4. Both sides of the radiator compartment will be built up based on photos.

5. The radiator will probably be built using the Airfix front panel but incorporate full depth.

6. All connections will be put in place.

7. The control rods, and piping behind the radiators will be visible.


This will naturally be built twice.


Before this can start I will have to part assemble the wing hinges as I'm building a Sea Mossie.

And probably build up the struts around the wing tanks for stability.


As this thread is now up to date the updates will not be coming so fast, as I now have to get back to building. :popcorn:



hope you enjoyed the view.




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must say it pleases me to get nice feedback.


As I'll be going on Vacation for a month. I thought I should post my WIP Wing.


I've opened the Radiator Panels and Wing Tanks. Added a few bit of Poly and Tin and then did a fair bit of sanding.


This is still work in progress and the tin panels need rivets/screws and a few holes as well. After that its down to building up the inside. The Sea Mossie Hinges from Alley Cat are in place but also in process of a rework as I want to make them functional.


Hope you enjoy the photos.



Radiator Closed with 0.24 mm tin and locked using 2mm Neodym magnets



Radiator Boxes Open



Wing Tank Panels held in place using 4 2mm Neodym Magnets



Tank Bays open "Lots to do inside"


Now a few side views:








As said all WIP so not clean and tidy


Hope you enjoy the pics and am looking forward to getting back from vacation to finish the wings off.




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You are insane Mike.......I LOVE it :thumbsup:


Your work is amazing, and I just love how you are stripping this bird down so we can all see what she looks like under the skin!  I am so glad you started showing us your work here it is a real inspiration for all us Mossie lovers.


Have a great vacation......but hurry back!  We cant all sit here waiting to see what you do next for too long, Lol.




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HI Anthony,


Thanks for the good holiday wishes.


I do have a quick question regarding the Mossi.


What diameter do the wing rivets have on the original?


Would be great if you new off hand. If not its not a problem as I'll go by any reference I can find on the I-Net. Reason why is simple. I found a company here in Germany that sells rivets with a .2mm head and bigger. I thought it would be a nice task to replace all with metal rivets. Especially as I need to make them on the tin panels as well.


Thanks and Take Care


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Hi Mike


Do you mean the Dzus fasteners or the rivets themselves?


I cant recall off hand.  I will be back there in about 2 weeks probably as I am off to an Airshow tomorrow for several days.  So the following week I can measure.  Actually I will measure the ones on my Auster cowls later today, they are a std British item.




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As the Mosquito was mostly built out of wood, very few rivets would have been been used in it's construction with the exception of the engine cowlings. I think the engine access panels used a type of fastener called "Oddies" these helped to secure the panel using a double locking mechanism. The first (outer) mechanism is used to lock the panel in position, the second (inner) mechanism drew the panel in tighter to the adjoining skin thereby making it flush. I may be wrong on this type of fastener and they might indeed be Dzus fasteners. Also the standard uk rivet size is 1/8th of an inch diameter (3.2mm) counter sunk or mushroom but they are dependent on skin thickness and location.

Hope this helps, if only to gain a definitive answer.




Excellent build so far, I look forward to seeing yet another masterpiece unfold.

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