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Tamiya Spitfire Mk XVIe No. 485 (NZ) Squadron RAF, OU-V, Fassberg 1945

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Well time to belly up to the bar and get back to something suitable for LSP and finally crack open on of my Tamiya Spitfires. In honour of our 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landings and the birth of the ANZAC legend in 1915, it will be finished in the scheme of 485 Squadron (NZ) RAF, based at Fassberg in Germany in 1945. Coincidentally, my construction of said aircraft will be guided by the build of Dave Johnson, whose build appears in the September 2011 (issue 005) of MIM and has been an addition to the latest iteration of Tamiya's "How to Build.." series on the 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire.

Enough waffle on with the obligatory pre build layout:



Some marking options and accessories (I have also ordered a set of Miracle Masks from Mal as he originally did a set for Dave's build):


The aftermarket emporium (I should have bought shares in Barracudacast), Master E wing barrels, RB harness and intakes and some MDC oxygen hose:


The reference library (short version):


Now to actually hit the books and articles to see what the fun is about and maybe put blade to plastic sometime over the next few days.

Well I'm off to a cracking start...
Drilled the holes in the seat frame, cut the fuselage halves from their sprues and attached the canopy retraction handle so I could say I have glued something! I also punched out some discs to fill in the mould ejection pin marks that will be visible. I have also marked out the kit area to be removed so I can install the resin starboard wall:


I have also primed the metal parts.

Time for a breather!

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Very cool project ! Lots of goodies too.....Harv :popcorn:

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I have spent most of the past 48 hours pouring over references and the www for information on the Mk XVI. I did manage to actually do some work on the build. I also decided to start by putting the sidewalls to the fuselage. The kit part was ground down on the starboard side and the kit sidewall cut off the accomodate the Barracudacast piece:




The port side was simply attached:




I hope t add more to the sidewalls tonight before laying down some paint tomorrow.



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Ejector marks if I ever saw them, not very Tamiya-like :o You're off to a great start, can exactly imagine how you went through all the resources from doing my 1/72 Fujimi Spitfire that now has all the bells and whistles in the pit (see topic in non-LSP works).

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Guest Peterpools


very nice start on the Spit and glad to see you're grafting in the Barracuda parts.

Keep 'em coming


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A little progress today...


All the lightening holes have been deepened just a tad with a .80 drill bit. I have attached the MLG control to the starboard sidewall after deepening the holes to accept the wiring which will come later:




I then went over the to port sidewall which doesn't have a resin insert and added some wiring and a few of the pieces such as the radio and the relocated voltage regulator:




I have started on the cockpit assembly, gluing the lower seat assembly to the support and the PE armour plate:






The front firewall and lower instrument panel, rudder pedals and assembly have been joined:




Thanks for checking in and regards,

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Slowly moving forward. Finished adding the wiring from .3 and .4 lead wire. I added some more to the starboard sidewall. I had to cannibalise my Mk VIII kit for one of the two switches just aft of the morse key. Moved the morse key forward a bit and added the fuse box just above. Gunsight selector added and all wired up. There are a couple of more wires from the fuse box to the gunsight to be added later.




Added the voltage regulator and wires plus wired the fuse panel on the port sidewall:




Then shot MM RAF Interior Green:










Also coloured the large armour plate, control column and door interior as well as some other bits.


Thanks for looking,

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Worked on the seat assembly. I have a reference with an unrestored Mk XVI that shows the flare rack so in it goes:






I hollowed out the flare rack holes to make them a little more realistic. The seat was painted MM Rust. The back pad will be either black or leather (I haven't decided yet). I have some small touch ups to do on the mounting points then the work on the harness before weathering.



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