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I'll be joining in with a quick project (taking a break from the A-10B) with a North Korean Air Force Yak-18.




Some quick history:



The USSR supplied North Korea with about 12 Yak-18 aircraft.  Inspired by the Russian Black Witches, the NKAF modified their PO-2's and Yak-18's for light bombing.  Three of the Yak-18's were shot down during the Korean conflict, all between June 30 and July 20, 1953 and all by Lt. Guy Bordelon.  Curiously, there is no mention of these kills in any of the aerial victory lists that I have come across.  In this picture, the bomb racks are barely visible.



Night-time nuisance raids were stepped up during the last six months of the war, when the front lines has stabilized.  On the night of June 16, 1953, approximately 15 PO-2's and Yak-18's bombed Inchon, hitting the fuel dump and igniting a massive fire that ultimately destroyed 5.5 million gallons of fuel



In June 1955 (some sources cite late 1954), a Yak-18 bearing construction number 59 and which took part in the Inchon raid, was flown by two defecting North Korean pilots to South Korea.  This aircraft was given tail code 47-7715, designated as T-10G and evaluated by the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) from 1955 to 1957.



It was donated to the USAF Museum in Dayton in 1960, then later transferred to the National Air and Space Museum.  It is currently listed as on loan or in storage.  Note the bomb racks on the underside.




National Air and Space Museum


Shine Your Light


I'll be depicting the aircraft in North Korean markings as it may have appeared on June 16, 1953. 



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Nice choice and a quick build!


Considered this too, but we have one Yak-18 model at display at the clubhouse, so I skipped the idea. Check the alignment of the star markings parallel to the ground and the way inboard position of the underwing stars.


Good luck!

- dutik

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Kai, just a quick question. On the picture above, is it a dog sitting on second seat with the pilot,,,or just his GF. :innocent:


Could be either one, or perhaps Mrs. Dear Leader in a strategic bomber of the glorious Air Force...   :whistle:



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Thanks guys!  Quick update-



Working backwards - finished the control surfaces.  Used the kit hinges for the ailerons only, skipped them on the remaining controls.  Used a razor saw to open up the elevator trim tabs. 



Added some extra detail in the cockpit area, which I felt was too shallow on the fuselage interior.  Also drilled out holes in the rear bulkhead behind the radio deck and replaced some of the molded-in wiring with solder.  Dials will be added to the side consoles after painting.



Opposite side.  Leftover photo-etch plate and rivets used here and there.  Lost the back seater's right control to the carpet monster, so built a replacement from brass wire and buckshot.



A downward view showing some of the work around the foot pedals.  The gaps between the cockpit floor and fuselage sides really needed some additional detail.  After researching, I've come to the conclusion that the kit floor is actually too low by about 3mm, and should rather sit on top of the wing spars.  I punted and built out tops of the wing box to fill the area up a bit.  



Added backpads and seatbelts using lead strip and leftover photo-etch bits and pieces.


Thanks for looking!





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I rearry really really want this kit!


Is it still in production?


This is gonna be my favorite build of all, including mine.  Kai, I LOVE your choice of subject and the scheme you have chosen.


I'm grinning from ear to ear.


Washing Machine Charlie LIVES!

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