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Hi Guys,


I have been planning to introduce something new to my paint masks, something like 'make your own set' sort of thing and would love to hear your thoughts...


So, what this 'make your own set' would mean. Well, i would have every single masking element (roundels, letters...) as separate articles in the shop with custom sizes for each masking element. 

There are a lot of modelling subjects with non-standard roundel or letter/number sizes... now i have (maybe) came up with the solution to overcome this problem...


For example, lets assume someone wants to build RAF P-47 or USAF Spitfire... or just any other model. That someone would go to Maketar SHOP and choose ie. RAF B-Type roundel, measure decal roundels and type the dimensions in order form... for example 4x B-Type RAF roundel - 12.5mm each, 8 RAF fuselage letters - 6mm tall each (A,M,M,C,C...), 2x RAF A1 roundel 10mm each...

This way we would have unlimited number of combinations to cover everyone's needs as basically EACH masking element (roundel, letter...) would be available in ANY size for anyone. Plus, if someone need just 2 B roundels + 6 letters, no need to stock entire set of B roundels and RAF letters... if those are not needed for latter use.


Of course, single masking elements would be cheaper for one aircraft build and insignia masking sets would still be cheapest solution for those wanting to have all markings for specific AF or subject.


Price of single masking element should be something around 0.5 GBP ($0.75) or so. Basically, if you need 10 masking elements for one aircraft, its still way cheaper than to buy 3 different sets with 100 masks in each to cover that one aircraft.


Size of each masking element would impact the price but for 1:32 we are looking at 0.5 GBP or so.



Bottom line is, this should looks something like this:


RAF A1 Roundel


Please choose roundel diameter: 8mm-8.5mm-9mm-9.5mm-10mm-10.5mm...50mm...

Please choose quantity:_____

Please choose material: Vinyl, kabuki



Of course, you can add to cart different dimensions and quantities for each...



What do you guys think of this?


P.S. Completely NEW Maketar SHOP website is ready and will be online in a couple of days, with lots of new goodies and mask sets!

You support is, as always, highly appreciated!

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Thanks guys!


One more things that's good here is that anyone can just take decal sheet from their kit, measure all the elements needed and just purchase masks for those in desired dimensions.

I've also designed transparent 'measurement sheet' with printed marks that would help quickly measure all the elements from decal sheets and such.


This should really make it possible to produce masks for just ANY subject in any scale and dimension in the price range of a single set! Number of combinations is endless! Roundels, fuselage numbers, serial numbers, variations in number and roundel sizes, odd marking dimensions and so on.




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Will this only apply to WW2 subjects or all subjects pre and post? Most of my stuff is post/modern. I would love to get some stuff that I can't find decals for.

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Many thanks for your support on this one guys.


I am just finishing the 'engine' of the site that would handle sliders for choosing different sizes etc... i reckon another couple of days to iron out little things.


Now, i was thinking about two options for choosing size (of letter, roundel, masking strip...)


1. a simple text field where you would be able to type in size in millimeters

2. a slider with range ie. from 6mm to 100mm for letter and similar for roundels... 


Option 2 is my favorite as i have much more control over it, step size, range, conditional logic (if chosen material is vinyl then the slider allows smaller dimension to be set and vice versa..., if chosen swastika size is less than 8mm offer vinyl only etc) etc. Also, i was thinking about the step size of 0.25mm, which would work just fine... i think...


For example, if you need RAF B roundel to be 27.85mm in diameter, you would have to choose either 27.75 or 28mm, again i think this is fine as the difference between a couple of 1/10th's would never be noticeable.


Also, as you move the slider, number in mm's rises as well as the price.


Now, i just need to sort out shipping options so the system does not count each masking element as new set and thus applies increment postage costs on each roundel or letter purchased.




Any suggestions or comments are highly appreciated.



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I agree, that the 2nd option seems the easiest to use from my perspective. It seems like an easier situation to know that Maketar has that exact size instead of just coming up with a possibly more obscure size on your own.

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Sliders can be persnickety. What about something like a simple drop-down menu? 


I could see a setup whereby you could use product tagging to define things as the user selects. So say the standard setup would be something like:


Wing Insignias

Fuselage Insignias

Fuselage Codes

Aircraft ID (Bu. number, Wk. number etc)

Tail Elements



Maybe then each element has its own dropdowns. Wing insignia could be "USAAF 1943-1947" --> 30" Radius. Fuselage codes could be "USAAF Type 2" --> "45" Height" --> with a blank text field at the end for the necessary letters/numbers, so "B2N" or whatever. 


Don't know what store/cart platform you're using, but I know several allow you to create kits of multiple products tied together. It could be possible to do this setup with different aircraft where the right mask types and sizes are already in place and ready for further customization (outline/no outline on German crosses, specific lettering, etc).


An ambitious project for sure, but a super welcome one!

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Many thanks for your feedback guys!


now, i think there has been a misunderstanding on the slider thing and custom sizes of various markings elements... those are NOT going to be predefined, thats the whole idea.


Lets take RAF A Type roundel as an example... if we go with step of 0.25mm in size, that would give us 360 different sizes from 10mm to 100mm and a drop down list with 360 sizes is not going to work. Also, all these elements are going to be sized to exact measure and cut on demand/order... i am not going to make 360 copies of A Roundel for each size but size it on order.


Step size of 0.25mm is just something that was an idea, easier than to have it at steps of 0.01mm given the fact that on any scale aircraft 0.25mm size difference is not going to be visible and it is not 0.25 but less - half of that to be precise.



The whole point of this quest is to have ALL and EVERY dimension of every roundel and marking letter/number there is!!!  Keeping this in mind, i may lower that step to less than 0.05mm (0.02mm real difference) which would be way more than accurate!


To make it easier, if you need RAF roundel type A for Spitfire, you have measured your decal sheet roundel, or model, or just calculated the size like: 56 inch * 25.4mm = 1422.4mm /32 for scale = 44.45mm, so you would use the slider to order 44.50mm A roundel... with accuracy of 0.05mm!  If your required size is 33.15mm, you can go with either 33mm or 33.25mm...





making categories like: wing insignia, tail, fuselage... may be a bit overkill... not sure...


I think that the categories would go something like this:


- Roundels All Air forces (the idea is to have ALL roundels of EVERY air force in the world, that can be used as masks... in next 30-45 days!)

- Tail insignia All Air Forces

- Letters and number All air forces (fuselage codes, serials, tail numbers....)



OR, to have it by Air Force which would again complicate things as i plan to add at least 30+ air forces... to many different categories.



This is something i need help with, to properly categorize things but not to make it too complicated and with too many categories...



Also, for letter and numbers, apart from letter/number size, there is a text field to enter desired letter/numbers like, you said, AGGD238886574 or such.



Here is the WIP look of the "custom size masks" page, for roundels... dont mind the price please, i've just had to set something for testing.





Now, a short list of whats coming in next few days, all custom size in any dimension, roundels for ALL countries from the list + more, and many national codes and letters!

I've covered EVERY country markings that CAN be painted using masks, that is, those that can be cut. Some are complicated and could not be used for masking in smaller scales


- RAF roundels, WWII and Modern

- RAF letters and numbers, WWII and modern




- Italy

- French

- Argentina

- Brasil

- Austria

- Belgium

- Chad

- Chile

- China

- Czech Republic

- Denmark

- Egypt

- Finland

- Germany


and MANY many more!


Oh and, every single marking element have a picture, so you dont just go trough the list o names but get the picture of the thing as well (roundels, letters, numbers, chevron...).

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Brazil... I see an F80 being undertaken. This is a great idea for sure.


I also see a way of doing those South American Mustangs and Corsairs

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