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Phantom P-51D "Double Nuthin"

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Now that my Kitty Hawk OV-10D is done, the build review is getting sent to the LSP mods, and Ive got a WIP start on my Kitty Hawk OV-10A, Im starting a 2nd active leisurely build to be displayed at my office. No super mods here, and no purchased AM for the kit of any kind.

For this one, I am limiting myself to ONLY mods/AM that I already either already purchased and have on hand, or are already part of another kit, or my spares drawer. Im limiting the expenditure for this guy to the price of the kit itself.


This is the most recent re-release of the Monogram Phantom Mustang, that was originally released around 1964, and most everyone has built one at one time or another including myself back in 1978, and my brother in 1967.

I have quite a few mods planned but NO AMSing this one!!

Im planning on using a TD pilot I had in the stash and WAS planning on using some Zotz decals I had in the stash, but am forgoing those for a paint job of my own, and since its clear, that wont even be that extensive.

I also have some human eye-ball decals to use on the TD pilot, and Ill be using the wheels and tires (and maybe even gear) from my Tamiya Mustang since Ill be using G-Factor gear on that guy when the time comes.


Here is a shot of the latest re-release boxing of the kit Ill be working on:






The kit contents are very basic, and I will not be doing to much if any mods to these with the exception of maybe cockpit work:






You also get a new bag of non crusty wires, and two new electric motors to run the gear/prop:






There is just a touch of flash on some of the IM parts, but its not really a huge issue:






Here you can see a couple AM things I pulled out of the stash that will be added (with the exception of the Zotz decals):






The air-frame parts, while having been newly molded are from the same old raised panel line molds, which for this "office build" it wort matter much. The new molded clear is actually VERY nice and extremely clear:








The scheme I have chosen is somehow quite apropos, P-51D-20-NA A/D #44-63165, of the 325th checker tails, "Double Nuthin" flown by Grant Smith:






Here are a couple color shots of a 72nd scale model of Double Nuthin.....................she is quite colorful, and is a perfect scheme for a clear mustang with all the tail and wing tips painted. Ill be masking and painting all the checkers, and will try printing the decals for the "Double Nuthin"s:









there you have it guys! This one will be a leisurely build, with no due dates, and minimal to no AMS. Im not sure how often Ill be updating this office build with my ongoing build for Kitty Hawk, but with its more simple nature, and fun properties, I think it will be quite often I hope.




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This looks like it will be a lot of fun Brian. I really look forward to this one.  Sometimes getting a simple, fun build is what we all need.




Has the Walrus been sent off to the Shelf of Doom while you're doing review builds?




Matt  :frantic:

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Thanks guys!


No the Walrus has been put out to the "end of the runway" awaiting restoration. This build is a side build to any major builds like the OV-10 or the Walrus, but I have specifically NOT taken it off the bench................

I basically put it off the the far side of the bench, and covered it with some wax paper to keep the dust and prints off of it, then used some painters pyramids pressed onto the bench surface with blu tack to rope off that section of the bench to keep me from "intruding" on the space that the Walrus is in while I knock out the OV-10A build.


As SOON as I am done with the OV-10A for Kitty Hawk, I will be putting the Walrus back on the bench and finishing her up.


This one is just a fun "side build" for my office.  Question for you all...................


I have a technique of my own I plan to implement to paint on all those bright checkers, but was wondering, does anyone else have their own way of masking checkers like this off for paint?

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The first thing I noticed I didnt like was the bright red on the base. It seemed much more appropriate in some sort of more military color..................so I chose a dark/OD looking green.

This is MM "Dark Green"

First I sanded the very smooth base and pedestal down to rough the surface up, and give the paint a nice key to bite into:






Next up, while the cleaner I used on both after sanding was drying, I started searching through my spares bin for anything P-51D, and to my surprise, I had quite a bit of Mustang parts from various commission builds, including multiple PE frets, different resin parts including an old Aires radio interior piece, and multitudes of plastic parts. Ill also be modifying the Phantom bombs with some PE parts and some parts from the ZM weapons set:






Whiles digging through the spares bin, on what can only be described as an "archaeological dig" I found what I believe is the only remnant from the Phantom Mustang I built in 1978 or 1979. Its a cracked canopy, with the hallmark shallowness of the Phantom, complete with smoke damage from the fire that gutted my parents place:









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I moved on and shot the dark green onto the base and pedestal. This is MUCH more what I was looking for:






Once this dries, I will augment this with some white lettering for the "Throttle" "Landing Gear" and R & L "Bombs" raised lettering on the base itself:

More later I hope..............


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Sure does Justin! It was released in 1964, and I built one in 1978 or so.......it's not all that complex, but its all basically old school mechanical and electrical stuff in the base, with electric motors that push various rods, that activate to retract the gear, and drop the bombs. The throttle is in a sepetate little electric motor.


Even with raised panel lines, and simplistic detail, it's still a nice build.

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Pretty much all of the LHSs around here stock them as this is a 2014 re-release.


I think most of the online shops stock them too.

My LHS was out of stock, so I got mine @ SprueBrothers.

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