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FELIXTOWE F2a Late Done!!

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Hi all, I made a New Years resolution when this awesome kit arrived that I would try to get her done this year, will I make it? who knows but with my promise in mind I have made a start.

Things may change but at the moment I am doing this option.


I was tempted by the colourfull birds but really like the idea of seeing all of the components that these birsd were constructed with, wood, metal cdl etc.

I began by snipping off and cleaning up most of the components that make up the interior and giving them an undercoat of Tamiya surface primer, then the parts to be black were sprayed 'scale black' (a mix of Tamiya black and red brown).

The black was masked and the parts to be finished in wood effect sprayed Gunz radome with some parts picked out in Gunz flesh.




The side frames were placed against the fuse sides before being sprayed radome, this left a negative image on the fuse sides which acted as the guide for a preshade of scale black to go under the eventual Uschie wood decale that I intend to apply to this area.



Thee finished effect should look pretty cool!



Thanks for looking, more progress soon I hope!!

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Wow, two of them now! Awesome stuff. Will be following along Simmo. Looks like you guys will already be deep into your builds before I even receive our review sample!



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Some more progress, I applied a coat of raw umber over the previously undercoated parts with the exception of the forward floor and the fusalage sides which recieved ushie woodgrain decals.

The end result looks pretty good but will hardly be seen through the cockpit openings...modelling for God I've heard it called!!


the fuse sides uschie deecalled



Sides with frames


Floor bits



And the other 'woodie bits'


More soon, 

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