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Hasegawa P-40N aka Trying to break severe Modeler's Block


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At the risk of jinxing myself and shelving another project, I thought I would post some pics of my latest...






And here is something I didn't see mentioned with this kit.  The tail plug panel lines matched up great with the starboard side and the top panel line on the port side, but not with the bottome three.  My solution was to gently cut it and spread that side to get the lines to match up.  Kind of a pain, but in the end it saved me a lot of time rescribing...



Thanks for looking,


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Yeah...agree with Kev...a neat and real perfect solution.....these things do in fact use engineering skills to think em out, and spare time consuming jobs later, plain simple thinking ahead....


This is noted in my head notepad....


Also want to see more of this build coming alive.....



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I konow what you mean..


If not feeling to build....do something else that you like for the moment....it is only a hobby.....ive had it..yeah for shure...force builds never get good at all...


i try to test and do lots of things myself....Arhcery...movies...gaming...and so on...renowate at home and so on.....and looking at others build to get isnpiration from...


in that way i get the urge to get back on the bench with new energy and feeling having a good time with my buils....


as i say...Life is to short to drink bad wine ;)


and soon you will feel it coming and you are back in the bench with energy, inspiration and ideas....



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