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Pacific Coast Models Fw.190A-3


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Just finished up in time for the new year is the excellent Pacific Coast Models Focke Wulf Fw.190A-3. Although not as smooth to build as the Hasegawa kit that it obviously draws its inspiration from, it's a great limited-run kit to cut your teeth on. This was my first limited run kit, and I look forward to tackling more difficult kits in the future. Kit is finished OOB other than True Details wheels (my resin kit wheels were damaged) and Master Models gun barrels. Kit decals used and finished in RLM 71/02 over 65 using Model Master enamels. Weathered with an acrylic wash, dot filtering using oil pants, chalks pastels, and enamel paint chipping. All comments and criticism, as always, is welcome. Thanks for stopping by!










-Daniel S.

Westminster, CO

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I've got two of these in the stash, just too scared to build them. But having seen your lovely build, maybe I will pull out the boxes and have a go. Very nice build, excellent finish and more to the point, it "sits" good. There is a real distinct, spindly look to the early A series and you've nailed it.




Bruce Crosby

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If I may, I'll offer some words of caution regarding the kit. . .


1. The instrument panel doesn't want to fit exactly where the parts would want it to, so I'd suggest thinning the cockpit coaming from the inside to give you a tad more space.

2. The multi-piece cowling is a bit of a pain to assemble, but not if you do it in a certain order. I'd suggest attaching the lower cowling piece onto the wing bottom first, and then working your way up and around to the top. The two front rings both fall on panel lines, so those are okay, but it's important to get the lower panel in the correct position or you end up with a REALLY big step that needs styrene fillers and lots of putty (ask me how I know. . .).

3. The attachment point for the retraction arms for the main landing gear sits too far back into the well, making attaching the arms without hitting the edge of the gear well impossible. You'll need to place a spacer onto the gear well walls so that the mount protrudes as far as the opening in the bottom of the wing to attach these parts which are necessary to brace the landing gear legs.

4. While we're on the subject of the landing gear, do yourself a favor and pin the landing gear into place. The attachment point is nowhere near as sturdy as the Hasegawa kit, but the PCM kit is more accurate. Just drill a hole into the top of the landing gear well (you'll see where it's supposed to go) and run a metal pin out the top of the landing gear leg.


Other than these points, the kit builds identical to a Hasegawa kit. Enjoy it, it's really not too bad!


-Daniel S.

Westminster, CO

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