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Darren Howie


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G'day Gary

First awesome work on the F-4B set i got my first one yesterday and just waiting on the second which I assume you sent seperately.

Anyway down to business B-52's.

You may of seen the Cutting Edge Buff sets which went for 630 last week.

I know its not 32nd but the Buff has been a popular kit from Monogram and AMT Italeri for ages.

The problem is up till now not a single good kit of any of the late B-52's has been released.

The AMT kit has numerous issues the Mono kit very good but only an early kit.

Cutting Edge released an Innacurate update set for the H with updated engines(incorrectly undersize) plus piles of other bits.

In short even the correction set was wrong and still sells for a fortune on Ebay.

Big opening with heaps of Buff lovers wanting a Buff update for the H and G.

Buffmaster did some sets they where correctly sized but quality ranged from ok to very average and where poorly designed with casting blocks in poor locations.

Sold out everywhere.

Guaranteed walk up sell out sets and the only major work is the B-52H engines to get them correctly sized which Cutting Edge mucked up almost as badly as AMT.

The dimension work was done by Buffmaster just need someone of your quality to get a package out with engines for an early H and a later set with Engines,Evs pods plus antennas etc.

630 tells you how much interest there is in B-52's in 72 and the great prices that DB's old conversion sells for etc.

Anyway sent you a message re the second F-4B set.

Merry Christmas



Ps should of added the quality of that F-4B set is great well done!

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