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Those seats are brilliant


Thanks Ron! Trial and error, but I think I got away with it :) It's a concept I can build on for next time anyway.


What others' have said re. those seats - absolutely amazing!  :thumbsup:




Cheers Iain! Shows what you can do with some "tin" sheet... so much potential, although I'm quite literally scratching the surface! :)



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Thank you Rich and Richard! :)


So now I'm kind of bouncing between the bomb bay and the radio room and they both have some interesting engineering challenges ahead. This may have to be in two posts as I might exceed the photo limit.


First of all the radio room. The challenge is this: The overhead hatch was built around the "fuselage proper" meaning the room itself follows the contours of the actual bomb bay and the rear section. The hatch with the window in it was faired down over the top of this opening as part of the turtle deck area. Hopefully this photo shows what I mean, obviously not my photo......




And where the soundproofing comes up it is attached to the support structure for the opening. Thinking about it, I've never seen this area replicated on any model (maybe as it's just way too hard), but I was in the mood for a challenge so here's how it went:


First of all, I had to add the other side of the radio room inner wall. This sucked immensely, as now my access to the radio room was severely restricted, but you get that on the big jobs right? ;)


Then I worked out the shape of the upper section. This had to be done as seamless as possible, given that in reality it was one continuous piece that went all the way up to the hatch. So after A LOT of test fitting I was reasonably happy with what I had.


Next was to mark out the shape of the opening with the two halves joined. This would hopefully give me the most accurate shape....




Then I removed the section and cut out the opening.




The keen eyed among you will notice the little bulge where the two walls join. This is because the material is so thin. Once the fuselage is joined these sort themselves out.... luckily for me!


Oh and I figured I should add some control cables while I was there.




Now for the really fun part. As the roof was rounded, I needed to somehow capture the curves so I could build the representative structure into it at all the right angles, so carefully I laminated two thin pieces into the hole and glued them. I reasoned that once this was dry, I hoped I'd be able to remove the piece and it would retain its shape....








There you have it! It doesn't look like much now, but when I add putty to the inside and trim it all back it should hopefully look pretty close to the original. Maybe..... :)


Oh and I forgot, can't have all that work in the radio room hidden away in darkness. The radio operator had a work lamp above his table, so out came the nano-LEDs again and I built the lamp. I kind of forgot to take progress photos of this but I have to do another for the navigator, so hopefully I'll remember next time.






And with that, it's on to part two!

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Thanks Kev! You don't muck around do you :) I've just been re-reading that last post and there's some really terrible grammatical errors in there. My grade 12 english teacher would be disgusted. I hope it still gets the point across!




It don't make no never mind about grama checking yer math-matical stuff...just keep going...I'm luvin' this!...

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Thanks Kev! You don't muck around do you :) I've just been re-reading that last post and there's some really terrible grammatical errors in there. My grade 12 english teacher would be disgusted. I hope it still gets the point across!




I was - literally - blinded by the light!



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And here's part two! 


So for everyone playing along at home, you know that I've been wrestling with exactly how I was going to tackle the very fine rib and stringer structure that made up the interior of the bomb bay. Over the last few weeks I've been trying various methods in pursuit of the most convincing approach and most seemed to fail for one reason or another. So it finally came to me that I need something fairly robust and repeatable considering there are so many of them in there.


I finally settled on the resin option, and in the end for a bit of variation to the colour (suggested by Terry, thank you Sir once again!) I painted the ribs with AK's extreme metal duralumin and the stringers were done in the same interior green as the flight deck, in much the same way as the shots from Duxford's Mary Alice portray. No idea is this is accurate but it does provide some handy tonal variation. Anyway, on with the pics.....


So a little bit out of chronological sequence, but this is what I started with after I had cast the ribs.... a whole heap of extra resin to remove. Oh yes, it was messy. To help out, I also gave the outline a wash so I wouldn't inadvertently remove too much.




So taking almost the entire day to do, I was finally left with this. I had made 15 for each side, but for some reason, with a gap between each of 4.5mm seemed more believable, so I only used 10 per side.




Because I like to make things difficult for myself, I built each as an assembly that I could then glue to the inside. A big thank you to Wolf at this point for sharing with me his concept of using 5min epoxy to attach parts as you can remove the extra later.... Thanks Wolf!




These were the original plastic parts as I couldn't get these to cast very well. I only needed one of each anyway.




And here's the rear section...




And into their new home.... every bit as fiddly as you could imagine! :)








I actually made left and right ribs, but seeing as the detail was only on one side and one would typically look from the centre of the bay, I used a mix of both so the details were always facing "in." 


They still look a little rough I suppose and I probably could have cleaned them up a little better, but they are exceedingly fragile and I wasn't going to push my luck! :)


One side down and one to go. What happened to the weekend???????







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