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HK B-17...C!!!!!!!! 21/6 exhausting work

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I have to admit, "dumbstruck" is exactly what I was by the simplicity of your nacelle fix!


You're the exception to the saying "Those that can do, those who can't teach."  YOU DO and TEACH!


Absoulutely great work!



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Thanks for the encouragement and interest guys! It always helps on such a long project such as this one (5 years and counting!):whistle:


First up, the engine work is going really well. The engine halves have been reattached and everything is looking good. Still have a bit of reconstructive work to do on the wing/nacelle join and reshaping of the lower nacelle but I actually think I'm going to be able to pull this off!








And for a comparison shot..... definitely worth my while!




Leaving the wing/engines for while, I wanted to jump into something I'd been procrastinating about for quite a while: lighting.


The big issue I had was that the wiring for the lights would have to travel through/around the bomb bay at some point, not to mention the two dome lights that needed to be added in there. Every time I temporarily fitted the bay inside the fuselage I was potentially doing damage to the frame, so I really just needed to suck it up and get on with it. I made some new lights, which were surprisingly easy out of soft foil....






I then drilled a hole to route the wires outside the bom bay shell and to a little LED distribution board I got from a model train company call ngineering. This board allows me to hook up 8 individual LEDs and will regulate the voltage and current to them equally. Solves my problem of making bus bars!


Positioning it in the life raft bay was convenient and it meant I could still display the right hand side open...




I had to redo the forward entry door light as constant test fitting of the fuselage must've broken one of the very fine wires at some point. Hence my desire to start getting things permanently in place...




Apart from the two new bomb bay lights, I also drew and 3D printed the little work lamps for the navigator and radio operator. I then drilled and threaded a little LED into it. Hard to photograph, these lamps are a grand total of 6mm high!




Then tested everything prior to fixing the board upside down for the remaining 4 LEDs to be hooked up at a later stage.....














I also spent two whole days re-running braided cable across the top of the bay. This was to replace that horrible black thread I used that went horribly saggy in the humidity. This was NOT fun at all, as I had to do everything from the bottom of the bay turned upside down, but looks infinitely better!




With the bomb bay set in place, I now really wanted to get on with the nose. First task was to smooth out the putty around the windows to make a surface that would loosely resemble the felt lining in the compartment...


I forgot to take many photos, but I also worked at adding the detail to the front of STA #3.




Once painted, I thought it came up looking pretty good...




From what I can interpret of period photos, the "hard" surfaces may have been painted the DDG colour like the cockpit, so I added that along with my previously printed oxygen bottles.




Getting the rest ready to install in the radio room and the rear fuselage...




The heating ducting in the nose was always going to be challenge, considering the multitude of angles that it turned through. It was also supposed to be made of unpainted metal, but I had a plan....




First of all, I found some nice box section styrene that I could work to get the shape. I wanted to make it in one piece so I could finish it completely prior to permanent installation.


Eventually, I had the piece ready. The black in pen ink used to sand the piece smooth.




Then, and I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before, I covered the piece in aluminium tape. The same principle as the litho plate, but much easier to work for something like this and not having to worry about that horrible contact adhesive....




Roughly installed... looks the part!




I'm not entirely happy with the placement of the double O2 bottles, so I'll probably move them down to make room for the driftmeter case and the meter itself.


Finally! I'm actually getting somewhere with this! Very happy!



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1 minute ago, shark64 said:

Well, that s just amazing. the detail the details....wow


Thanks very much Oliver! Quite humbling from a master such as yourself...... got a lot to learn about painting and I often look to your builds for inspiration ;)




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Wow, great progress. I really llike the lights you're making, when you're finished you can always see the work you have done. Fantastic

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On 9/2/2019 at 11:20 AM, bdthoresen said:

Craig- it is absolutely awesome to see this build starting to come together. Keep the

updates coming!


THOR    :ph34r:


Thanks Thor. I've been able to get a good run on it lately. It's been good to actually get things moving after all this time!


On 9/2/2019 at 3:24 PM, Fvdm said:

Wow, great progress. I really llike the lights you're making, when you're finished you can always see the work you have done. Fantastic


Cheers mate. Yes the lighting was a must, especially for the forward entry area under the cockpit. I'd really like to look at motorising at least one engine with sound, but that's some pretty advanced stuff that I have no idea about yet.....


The detailing of the right side has been coming along nicely. Very happy how the driftmeter looks installed. All of these details are scratch built, including the microphones and jack boxes. I hate painting white.... I can never get it to look good.




I also wanted to make the navigator's equipment box which sits above the oxy bottles. I've had a set of wood grain decals for ages so I thought I'd finally give them a go. I don't think the real box was wood, but for a splash of colour in the nose I thought it'd look good :). The box itself is made from styrene and I used the decals to make it look like it has a lid...




And installed...






The right side is just about done. Just need to do the oxy lines from the bottles, then I'll hit the left side :)






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