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F16 CG Block 40E

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"Karim"? Is that Lebanese for "Machine"? :lol:


It blows me a away how fast you can knock these out. Great looking F-16! :goodjob:




John thanks for dropping in... i wish it meant machine lol but what it means is rather pretty dull  :rolleyes: 'generous' lol...

thanks for the comment i appreciate :bow:


Awsome !


Merci Loic many thanks



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Another great Falcon again!!!!! Nice weathering Karim!!! :punk: :punk: :punk:


Pouikpouik Thank you for your comment  :bow:  :clap2:




Well you are GENEROUS in sharing with your INCREDIBLY 5 day build ... :bow:




She is STUNNING.... SMART.... and finished SUPERBLY.... :wub:


GORGEOUS... What you can achieve in 5 days. :wow:


MY compliments Captain....


:bow: :clap2:


Maru my friend, 

Thank you so much for the comment... Im glad you like her... i dont know, i find her half half lol... but im glad it turned out like this to say the least  :bow:  :clap2:

Thanks again  :bow:


Wow! 5 days?!?!?


I cant even seem to decide what to start in five days, let alone decide, start AND FINISH a kit in that time!  Really great work!


Thanks for dropping by  :D  :bow:  and for the support and comment  :bow:  :clap2:


Thanks everyone 


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