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F16 CG Block 40E

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Hi everyone 

Here goes again. After finishing 'The kit from hell' i planned on taking a break from styrene lol but the kit stash is like the black hole from hell...keeps sucking you back in lol  :rofl:

I Had never built an F16 at 1/32 scale and had the CG/CJ and the Sufa so i went for the single seater. To be honnest before this build i didnt have alot of technical information regarding the viper so after trawling the net and finding some good reference, i gave it a shot.

The kit is an Academy boxing (as is the twin seat sufa) and it was built out of the box except for some minor additions. I made the pilot's o2 hose out of soldering wire with very thin gauge wire wrapped around it, in order to be able to pose his/her head turned to the left. Added some plumbing to the wheel wells best as i could with the different gauge wiring i have. Its not super accurate but it looks good. Also one 'clear' piece broke off the hud and i reckon my starving carpet monster had a go at it (along with two or three other bits from the kit). its nowhere to be found even after an extended search. The fit of the kit is good overall, but i dont know why after joining the two fuselage halves i ended up with the two parts of the nose not aligning (maybe one or two mm skew) i added stretched sprue and sanded it all in so looks tiptop now. The main landing gear doors fit was poor needed alot of fiddling but its not a deal breaker. The front office looks nice oob except for the harnesses of the ACES2 seat (this is why i decided to put the pilot in, in the first place, and second i wanted to see how it would turn up painted and all). The kit was painted overall with tamiya acrylics, although i had a problem for the first time with the flat coat (that frosted some of the decals) so i saved what i could save and flat coated the rest with the other tam product i use that comes in a spray can. The kit in itself is worth buying for all the options and versions of the f16 you can build and the weapon load choice is massive... 

For what its worth there goes the photos




IMG_20141121_095557_zps1fae60d0.jpg IMG_20141121_100439_zps126202d6.jpg








Rest of the photos below


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I hope you guys like her...

Next will be a WIP on an 'uber' project. Since i started this build i received all the am stuff i had ordered a couple of weeks back...now all thats left is to choose which kit to start


All comments good and bad are always more than welcome...helps us improve our builds and correct things in future builds...


Thanks again everyone for dropping in


As always stay safe and happy modeling

See you soon in a work in progress



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Thank you everyone for checking in,


That is absolutely unbelievable... :blink:




Seriously Kev... once i get the ball rolling its hard to stop. usually i start early morning till lunchtime then get back after lunch till dinner...i do go out in between but i dont know why lately when my daughter is at my ex (4 days a week) i just get bored. All my friends either are flying or for the ones who have a more 'normal' life they are at the office and i am stuck no flying until i get the date for my move to Qatar to fly out of there....so best next thing after flying is building airplanes lol


Great jet, great job!


Thank you  :bow:



Awesome Viper and Aces on the finish. 5 days ... Holy Cow ...that's incredible.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Peter my friend thanks for dropping in... you always do on all my builds and i appreciate


Great job man! Very convincing and inspiring! I love those dirty jets... Really cool!


Thank you  :bow:  :clap2:


well, just like its "pilot doing the thumbs-up" this is awesome looking!!


Jack thanks...lol im glad the pilot turned out looking convincing 

Thank you again


Amazing work - and in 5 days - don't you sleep?




Thanks SinuheH... i do sleep lol but im up early  :P


Thanks everyone for dropping in.


Gonna go have dinner out for a change lol and when im back ill post a new WIP ive already started working on this afternoon... John (mywifehatesmodels) insipred me to build the stuka i have in the stash but its an ju87r so that will give a bit of variety to the stuka builds... more on that when im back, so take a look at the thread in wip if you got a moment...All you guys's inputs have always been very valuable to my builds...


Thanks again 



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Menelaos thanks...

Im sure there must be alot of discrepancies here and there... when i started out the kit i didnt really have any solid references, halfway through i had accumulated stuff from the net, but nothing i can call proper references... hopefully the next one will be more accurate, but as you say it looks like a viper  :D


Thanks for dropping in and for leaving a comment


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