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Uncle Les

A sentimental favourite de Havilland - the Mk35 Vampire

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Many moons ago a younger Uncle Les wore a blue uniform and performed feats of technical interest on Bous, Macchis and more importantly, on this aircraft:



This is the view from the instrument section window above the flight line.  I decided I wanted to build a model of this very aircraft ( as I tend to do with others I've taken a screwdriver to..) and to this end I made a 1/72 resin conversion set, 1/48 resin fuselage replacement and more recently, a 1/32 one-off.  Here's a bit of the story of the 1/32 example in a brief photographic essay:


I decided I wanted to build an RNZAF Venom alongside the Mk35 using a Matchbox Sea Venom as a base - I also obtained a Tigger models Vampire but this proved to be rather expensive and disappointing - it ended up being an expensive canopy and mismatched parts that needed a LOT of work.  Eventually I knocked up the sections I needed with plasticard and resin using scaled up plans from various sources.


My take on the Goblin was using the Matchbox Ghost, casting up new cans and making a few mods here and there...

vampmk35007_zps1562a3d6.jpgThese pics will show which bits of the kit I used and which bits were cast up - I made up one boom to suit and cast up multiples to cater for this and the Venom.


I then whipped up a nose shape and vac-formed some nosey bits to cater for both the underside and the bonnet.



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Moving forward - I tend to build fairly fast and didn't photograph some of the intervening steps so here we are magically with some markings applied




 The wing tip lights were made by inking a small vacform "bulb" was was encased in clear epoxy and then sanded to shape.

Bang seats using some Mk3s I had laying around (thanks Eric Sujecki collection..)


 and we're pretty much there





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