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F-7U-3M Cutlass Monday 11/24

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Vandy @  It was a little before mine too,  always thought a COOL airplane,    VX-4 Hometown Boys       




Taff & Kai @  I don't need more space then this to build, I need to learn to get on and off this DAMN computer and do some modeling.


                      I knew this kit would be a grind and a ton of scrap plastic and SUPER glue.


                      It goes slow cause I keep getting interrupted, and I think that may become the habit for the next few months. Holiday's


                      making a living, tons of yard work that need caught-up.


                      Will get pics as soon as I upload to Pbucket and Then go to CHROME, Whata PTA


                Thanks for checking in



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Well Lee, 


       How did you know "PUPPY EYES" would go straight to my Heart?,,,,,4 dogs and a "FLAK-KAT"


       The Cutlass was a little more Grinding then I was up for, and Life keeps Rearing it's Ugly Head.


        I need to get on it til I can get the "Gear Up and Covered"  I have been anticipating the new Bronco kit


        and doing research on it as well as watching Brian during his build


      I work on it



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Thanks nose_art,  Pic is COOL  have been trying to get some things done so I'll have a chance to get back to this and my Bronco build.




Hi Teresa,

      Haven't checked for a while so Thanks for the Shout!     Still trying to get things set so I can focus on my 2 builds



  Thanks Gal and Guy



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