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Poll: 1/32 Jaguar Gr.1

1/32 Jaguar Gr.1  

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  1. 1. Would you buy a 1/32 Jaguar Gr.1 from Kitty Hawk?

    • Yes
    • No

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Voted yes, because I always wanted a Jag in 32nd scale... But, please for the love of God spend time getting it right before cutting steel!! I know atleast five others here where I live who would also buy an accurate Jag in 32nd scale as they are modelling Gulf War birds!!



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Howdy folks,


Glen from Kitty Hawk has asked me to run a poll for him to help determine the viability of them producing a 1/32 Jaguar Gr.1. So, get your answers in!



While your at it any chance of a decent 1/32 lightning F6. Just a thought.


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I didn't vote because I haven't bought a kit in decades. I very much prefer scratch building. But since Glen is an active member of this community it might be interesting to hear an estimate of the necessary production run for a Jag kit to reach the break even point.


So, Glen, would you share such an information with us or is this something you would rather prefer not to talk about?





Oh, by the way, I think a Jaguar kit is really missing.

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I'd definitely buy a couple, possibly even three! Oh, and if there was a twin seater, I'd have one of those as well. But please, as others have said, make it accurate. I'm not fussed by open avionics / engine panels. What I really look for in a kit are an accurate outline, realistic surface detail and nicely detailed cockpits and U/C bays. Hope this goes ahead, the Jaguar is one of my favourite jets


P.S can we have a Buccaneer as well?

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