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S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

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Its a great, great job Starfighter!!! I will publish photos here about my Embraer KC-390 in 1/50 scale. I will to expose in GPPSD 2018 in 12/09 like scratbuild.

Congratulations for your awesome scratbuild, its amazing workshop and learn a litle bite with you.

From Brasil!

Hercules de Araujo



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Seeing it in the flesh is something to do. The model is a true masterpiece. You would be ready to swear this is an injected plastic model. 


If you thought this project was insane, wait for Ben two next ones... I guess he will need to hire a minibus... Lol! 

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I am humbled by your comments - thank you all for your continued support during this journey. I am very happy I managed it to finish (almost) everything on time for yesterday's model show. 


I usually neither take photos of awards I win nor do I share them, but I have to admit I am pretty proud the Viking won Gold in its category and the "Best of Class Airplanes & Helicopters" award at yesterday's Belgian Scale Modellers Convention in Putte. This was only possible due to your continuous support and the help of some good friends who made this model possible - guys, you own a big part of this award! 


Thomas Matzer, who not only machined absolutely beautiful tie down eyes, antennas and other small parts for me but built me an absolutely stunning base and catwalk which I only had to paint and weather. I would never have been able to finish something that comes close to this - it is a true work of art!


Bekim Lulaj, who CAD designed the canopy and engines the best way you can imagine - the parts are absolutely perfect. 


Axel Fischer, who cut the masks, window frames and other surface details for me.


Kai Wolter, who offered me the pitot tubes and a ladder which I sadly did not manage to finish in time for the show... 


All the others who have helped me and commented on my progress during the last five years - Thank you all very much! 















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