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S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

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It's still a pleasure to read your kind comments - but it ain't over 'til it's over! :) I forgot to show you the windscreen wipers which were an absolute PITA to assemble, but the result is not too bad. 






The position lights have been fitted but I forgot to take a photo. The external tank will probably keep me busy for a few more days. Pics will follow!

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Ben, due to "serious-real-life-issues", i haven't been able to check on your fantastic Viking from time to time, and i'm sorry to say i almost forgot about it, but was triggered again in the "sideline" opening the LSP site, and there it was:  I'm really flabbergasted by this enormous  inspiring project (just as your recce crusader was) and i'm anxious to see this great model of yours in real-time.


best regards,



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Jack, great to see you're back - I hope all issues have been solved! If you come to BSMC show in Putte on December 9th, you should be able to see it on the competition table if everything goes to plan. 


I have spent quite some time painting and slightly modifying some Reedoak figures during the weekend. I'm not a good figure painter, but at least they are better than the last ones I've made... They are not yet finished, the plane captain needs to get his helmet codes and the pilot needs to get another harness below his survival vest. A second pilot figure is still in progress.











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Time is running and I am pushing hard to get the whole ting finished until Sunday... the Viking itself is ready. I have built a transport jig which will hopefully help to get it to BSMC without any damage.




My friend Thomas has built a base and an incredible catwalk for me. I am doing my best to do it justice with a proper paintjob... pics of the base will follow after the show. 


I have finished one of my own CAD designed A/S32-A31A to fill up the space on the base. I will hopefully get the possibility to make my vehicles available soon, but more on that later.








And a little one because I couldn't resist... The whole setting will be set up for the first time on Sunday. I hope I can take a few decent pics then which I will try to post next week.



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Hi Ben, hope you will go to Roselies show too, can't go to Putte, sadly.

Was very nice to see your progress and how you went through all difficulities.

BTW, hope to see your A/S32-A31A cast in resin.



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