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S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

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4 weeks until the end of the deadline. I have decided to build a proper base this time. I've been experimenting with several methods of simulating the nonskid on ca carrier deck and I think I am getting closer to what I'd like to obtain. It's a tad too rough and too irregular, but I'll have to live with it this time. No time to start a new base before the show. The base is made of Forex, Padeyes are my own 3D printed ones, welding seams from stretched sprue, surface texture made of artist structure paste. 












The wingfolds are almost ready.






The static dischargers are from Master. The were fitted into tubes made of stretched Q-Tips which are sadly pretty difficult to glue. I should probably have used syringes, no idea why I didn't think of that. I am already looking forward to breaking them at least five times each time I handle the model.






Here's a few crappy pics of the almost finished model on its base. What's missing? Position lights, windscreen wipers and the loadout on the RH side pylon. I'll probably use my CAD designed Douglas tank, I first have to print one, though. If I have enough time left, I will build some wheel chocks, chain tensioners, small details and figurines for the base. 





















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Just say these words in your head a few times and, really let it sink in .... A scratch-built, 1/32nd scale, S-3 Viking !! What more needs to be said ??!!

This is a thing of beauty and a remarkable testament to your never ending talents and skills Ben plus, she's the ONLY ONE like her in the world !! Quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud of her.

Of course you know now that all this hard work is behind you, someone will now release a Viking in 32nd scale.  :D



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It's probably getting a tad boring, but progress has slowed down a little. My little helper aka Anycubic Photon is currently working on the last missing part, the 300 gal Douglas tank which I designed for my Prowler back in the day.



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