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F-4B/N/S Set

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I will announce a release here on LSP a week or so before it goes for sale on E bay.   I may offer a reservation/prepay like I did for the IPMS show, but I don’t like taking money before I can ship product.  


Thanks, Gary

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I have decided to make the kit into two parts.  One is the Airframe Conversion set which contains everything that is required for converting the exterior.    The interior will be a separate kit for the cockpit, and I am undescided at this point whether to offer  one comprehensive cockpit kit, or an early “B†and then a late “B/N†kit.   At this point I am leaning toward just one cockpit kit to cover all of them, and have the builder choose.

  • Thin wing kit including the wheel wells, doors, etc of use with the Tamiya landing gear
  • Plain ALQ-126 Plain, APR-24 snub nose, APR-30  ( the signature “B/N†)tail fin caps
  • Tail fin base vent intake splitter
  • Nose cone with  IRST ,  APR-30 hook,  Apr-25 Shoe Horn, ALQ-126
  • AN/ALQ-51/100 ECM small nodes  ;    AN/ALQ-126 ECM of 1 small, 3 large are included in the F-4J Tamiya kits
  • Instructions to remove the slat from the Elevators for modeling the early jets
  • GT Resin J-79 short exhaust
  • Complete instructions on which parts from the Tamiya kit to use to make the correct “B†or “N†cockpit from what is already supplied in the “J†kit
  • Narrow main landing gear wheels/tires

Cockpit kit:



  • GT Resin MK 5 USN version Ejection seats
  • Detailed WSO left side panel
  • Detailed WSO lower control panel with scope and control stick
  • Early WSO upper instrument panel
  • Shoehorn WSO upper instrument panel
  • Detailed cockpit tub.

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so i cant use the C/D kit?

You can, but you will need Navy parts to make it accurate and both the airframe and cockpit kits.  The missing parts are the Nose gear small door, large ECM nodes,  Wing top landing gear bumps, IFF refueling parts and fuselage plug.   I had not planned on making a C/D parts kit, but I could if there is enough of you guys who will buy it.   Let me know if this is something  that many of you want.  If you are building and early jet w/out the slated stab,  the instructions will cover removing the Slats and wing tip fairings.

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As to using a C/D...


That is how I did my B/N with the CAM set several years ago. I ordered the J parts from Tamiya, and it was pretty cheap then, I think around 20 or so shipped. Might be more now though.



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Hi all,    Thanks for the support on the “B/N†project.   I will have some pictures up of things this week.   Shooting for an end of the month release.   One item I am adding is the correct A/C discharge vents under the forward fuselage next to the Wheel Well.   Tamiya  made all of the Navy jet kits with the USAF layout.  Also will have completely new main tires/wheels included in the kit.  Stay tuned for updates.



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More F-4B/N eye candy.  this time the 4 chin pod selections and the ECM Antennas!!




These are the small ECM antennas for the Early “B†that are not in the Tamiya F-4J kit




AN/ALQ-51/100 chin pod.  the hole is for the small antenna that is barely visible on the back of the block.   Not sure what this little thing does, but it is part of this RHAW suite.




AN/APR-25 “Shoehorn†Chin Pod




AN/AAA-4 IRST Chin pod




AN/APR-30 “Hook†chine pod of what we think of when the “B†is seen.   Notice the correct shape of the hook itself, which is very different from the  CE part in that kit.  The CE is similar in profile, but when viewed form the bottom tapers to a point.   The actual antenna does not have this profile, and widens out flat as we have modeled it.


One reason for showing this thread is to let everyone know the detail work that is going on by our team to make this “B/N†kit as accurate as possible for a 1/32 scale model.   In comparing our parts to the CE, we in no way want this taken as criticism of what CE has done, as they were pioneers in the resin conversion set market.  Considering that product is 10-12 years old,  much has changed in that time.  Please take the comparisons in the positive spirit they are intended, to show you the value of our kit and the research and workmanship that have gone into this set.





The GT Resin F-4B/N team!

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Here is an update:


Correct USN F-4 A/C discharge vents:







Wing Top Conversion plugs:






Correct head shape on the Intake ECM Antennas:




Kits are open for ordering.   Kits will be shipped the week of 11-16.   More on a separate thread in a few minutes.


thanks for all of the support,


Gary & Tina


GT Resin 

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