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1:6 Flak 38 20mm Quad


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10 hours ago, ScanmanDan said:

To be fair a proper 1/6th crew for this gun would cost a fair bit to do well and require a ton of work to look the equal of the gun.  I might suggest that a few items of gear or a jacket draped over the gun wouldn't go amiss.  A lot of stuff is available on evilbay.    A spare barrel case perhaps? :)


As you may recall, I'll already be creating at least two styles of 100rd wooden cases for it (and hopefully selling some afterward), but may well also add some other stuff, there's plenty of time to figure that out.

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1 hour ago, NukerDan said:

Wow, just read through this entire build. You're doing some top notch work on this kit! 


Thanks a bunch. Pretty crazy, for something that started off as a more or less straight out of the box model, but I feel that it'll be somewhat unique, once finished.

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