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1:6 Flak 38 20mm Quad


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Very cool, this is turning out great!! Is this the same line of 1/6 stuff that they made to go with the large action figures? Didn't they also make a huge Sherman Jumbo?



Yep, the make a Sherman, but I'm not sure what version. They also make a Panzer II or III, I don't recall which.


The Sherman is the M4A3 with a 105mm main gun.  The kit also contains the 75mm gun parts.  I am building mine as a 75mm version.



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Somewhat bored this afternoon (as well as working on another project), I did decide to make a test template for the finger connections that will be added once the crate is painted. Obviously this template needs to be refined (or rebuilt), but the test turned out OK. I've also freehanded some screw slots to see if they'll look OK, and I believe they will, though I'll make a template for those as well, ensuring some consistency.



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