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13 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Not nearly that kind of haul K2, but the wife did get me this, which was definitely on my want list considering I already have the brass strut and landing gear sets for it (credit for pic goes to Iain):







Oh wow. I am loving ICM.


I awoke Boxing day and worked on a model 1/32 Spitfire. I then taught drums. Then went into town to visit the hobby shop. Both these LSM were 20% off.


I have never built anything like this. It is HUGE. Subject is St Nazaire raid. Awesome!




This DAS WERK kit is 100% class A.




The instructions come in a book.






The plastic is very nice.




I got a 1/48 Starfighter at 40% off.




And the following are from my large Eduard order a few days ago.




And these. The Mustang comes with a plethora of great USAAF markings. I shall ignore them and build it in Swedish colours. This apparently was the only original P-51 in Swedish service.





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21 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:

After the Christmas gifts were sorted last night, this was my pile.




Included were these specific hobby related items, along with some specialist hobby tools. I also received $75 in gift cards, $50 of which I dumped on Amazon last night.




Nice jar! Whas on the menu card? :D:popcorn:


BTW, I own my own jar to cook ice floes, clean brushes and to use it for other modelling related stuff :wicked:



- dutik

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I'd love a Lego AT-AT to match the scale of my Lego UCS Snowspeeder. Granted it would be the size of a Camel but it would be damn impressive. I've seen some on Lego Redditboards that scale out to be about the size of a German Shepard Dog. And not to drift too far away from thread matter I got this from my Parents for Christmas. It's a model of sorts....




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