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Make the others jealous

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Thanks for the congrats guys!

I was pleased, the last Nats I entered was in '93.

I was really surprised to win 1st in the 1/32nd, as there was some excellent builds there.

My 1/32 US/British 1st place was my Special Hobby Tempest Mk.V.



My 3rd place in the biplanes was my Albatros D.V, Jasta 17.



I have both of these posted here in the RFI.



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8 hours ago, Dandiego said:

My sons bought me a 3D printer for my birthday.!!!!


Man, not often actually jealous of stuff other people got, but this is an exception, as I'm really jealous of that one!

I've been wanting to get a 3D printer for a long while, to go with my Silhouette cutter, but lack the funds atm.

I think with a decent 3D printer, and a paint mask cutter, the options that open up for the individual modeler are HUGE.



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Been out of time and will to sniff glue and paint so have been mostly watching the forums.


But enough is enough ! So i had to start a new kit and restock the empty space it created :




This one however is for my birthday , and since i live in sight of where it scuttled itself with the entire fleet i had to get it . Plus the Shipyard Works set  and some Master accessories.




I will restart soon in smaller scale. I lost the habit and few skills i had so i'm going back to 48 . Small enough to be easy but big enough to be easy !

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Alrighty then ...


It's been a while since I posted anything in this thread ... for a couple of reasons.

The first was the demise of Photobucket and the lack of a decent amount of time to start learning about something else to use to post pics.

The second was that, by that time I actually had most of the kits that I started out planning to get ... and new stuff was coming through in trickle feed ... so, add to that the experience of a couple of let downs with trusting other humans ... and I decided to focus my attentions elsewhere for a season.


Anyhow ... since then more than a few items have dropped  ... I have set up a new picture thingy ... so, time to play 'show-n-tell' again.


First up ...

Here's a present my Girlfriend gave me before I left the Philippines ... They have their own fast-food chain over there called "Jollibee" ... and a 5-6ft statue of this guy is usually parked outside :)




Pretty much as soon as I got back ... Richard advises his book is ready for distribution ... so I put the order through ... I've been chasing the Classics Publications one for yonks and always seem to get pipped by a sniper on eBay ... though given how this has turned out - looks like I dodged a bullet!! The Ju.88 Classics book has been used as a comparison for size.




So about a week or two after I put through the order with Rich ... I started putting up a list on the whiteboard - so I could put through some other orders. 3 boxes arrived today ...




In box number 1 ... All the way from Sprue Brothers in USA ...

Was this ...




And this:




Bought mainly for collection reasons ... as ZM has discontinued making the original boxings of each now - they are collectables :) ... A little note and gift was left to say "Thank You" ... although I have no idea what it is ...






In box number 2 from Frontline Hobbies in NSW we have:




and ...




While the one from Sprue Brothers is a collectable ... this one is for building at some point (and apparently there's not a lot of wrestling needed with it!)


and the final kit in this box ...




Just noting that its weird that the box art on this edition is night-time while the other one is daytime ... as this is the non-nightfighter edition without the upward firing cannon?!? :unsure:


Box number 3 comes from Metro Hobbies in VIC:


This first kit holds no special interest to me other than its a ZM kit for the collection ... I'm pretty sure the only 3 kits in 32' I DON'T have now are the 2 Skyraiders and the Do.335A-12.




Since I still haven't decided whether to go HKM or buy my first EVER Wingnut Wings kit of the Mk.I-III Lanc' ... I'm holding off on pulling the trigger ... for now ...

I DID, however, decide that I wanted one of these ...




I'm guessing that these 'special build' Lanc's came to the squadron new and that panel 'oil canning' wouldn't have really had a chance to set in before Operation Chastise ... So I figured I'd go with the clean look.


They also had one of these in stock. I'd been meaning to grab one when they were released ... but when it came out, it was getting into that period of 'trickle feed' for me so I elected to hold off until there were other items to get at the same time ... Tamiya are stamping out fresh batches of this stuff all the time, so I knew I could always grab one.




So ... Having compared Johns AIMS turned antennae (supplied by Master) for his Bf.110.G-4 to the plastic usually supplied in the kit for such exercises ... I decided to grab a little extra AM ...






And Finally ... Even though I'm SOOOOO not a Jet guy ... I've been thinking about doing some RAAF stuff for years ... and watching through Eric's Mirage build ... I knew I'd have to get one at some point!! So ...




But wait! ... probably because i spent so much money with them ... I got this ...




... I wish they made whiskey ... I'd much rather a good bourbon or scotch.



Rog :)


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18 hours ago, Artful69 said:





... I wish they made whiskey ... I'd much rather a good bourbon or scotch.



Rog :)




Have you looked into flaviar?  My wife and I use them.  You get four sampling sets and four gift vouchers to use through the year for an annual membership.  You can order all kinds of spirits.  We just got a bottle of the best run I have ever had.  If you are interested in joining, I can send a referral.

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