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The Travelaire Mystery Ship is listed on his site as LSM30554 and unfortunately appears to be out of production even as soon as he started shipping them, or so his website says. Not sure why, as this looks pretty fine. I would have loved to see a Texaco version or even Pancho Barne's plane. At least the red one is out there.



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I have been looking for a WNW LVG C.VI for a long time for the wife. She fell in love with it at a show here in CA (Valley Con) A few years back. So John here on LSP came trough on the LVG C. VI in a trade Thanks John.  Also wanted a Horten Ho229 V3 version for years. So drove down to Volks USA yesterday and picked up the Horten Ho-229. Unfortunately they were missing the Concept book and Photo etch set :doh: 





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I had one of these glass showcases but decided splurge and get two more. Got them last week. I got the tape measure out and it looks like the new WnW Felixstowe will fit on one shelf with a couple of centimeters to spare both width and depth.


Now Mancave B looks like this:




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