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Hi Anthony & everyone

some small advances, now I climbed to the roof, I will first occurred using an old barrel pen to replace the nozzles,




place and compare the new nozzle with the piece that brings the model, oh yes!, jjj
ah ... the picture is also seen grilles installed



Now, I happened to sever parts as the original outline of the floodgates, the idea is to score more and take advantage install the panels for the interior parts I plan to do, at least I wish .



Well for today, according to the date of the Road we have only 50 days.  something tells me to hurry up ...

Thanks for all your comments and good wishes, we short time!


 i Need more time ----- more time...... :help:

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Hi Anthony, take good mood, has inspired your work for many people, including me. I do not consider myself a fine modeler, you know ... it's just fun ... and if something comes in the way ... great!   keep going!


for now some progress, after filleting the trunk of the engine, to see how they solve, starting from behind.

first part, we had to level the base with a layer Styrene, I used to reinforce the upper part of the tailgate.



after making sure it is aligned, put the second gate, internal partitions, which later show them, along with internal motors are included,




and now the icing on the cake ... the base of the rotor,



still unfinished, as I try to sharpen my skills,,, something away indeed. jjjj



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Try new things + challenge yourself + convincing result + enjoy your build = fine modeler


Seems to me you have the left side of the equation covered- Looks great!



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better late than never


is what I thought relegated to post my work, however pleased to present my recently completed BK117A3 of the Republic Colombian Navy.


It was a slow, hard work, and as always, deep down we think it could be better. I hope you like it and welcome your comments.








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Guest Martinnfb


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