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1:24 Grumman F7F Tigercat N7654C

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looks great peter and thanks for the tip re: car parts, will have to look into that further


TBH I think some nice washes / dry brushing would be perfectly fine for this bit, but it's up to you if you want to try salt weathering


Later, check this link out (by our own master builder, Chuck W)



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thanks chaps & good evening :)


..back with another relentless update - it's been good to get some benchtime before getting back to work next week..





I must have missed how you do the raised rivet lines? Did you explain that? Really outstanding work, btw!!




Hi Tim - the raised rivets are Micro Mark HO scale for railway models - they come as little resin dots on decal film and you just cut strips of them & lay them down. They don't take radiuses though unless you nick the decal with a sharp blade between each rivet on the outside of the radius which takes a little time...


so, this is what I have been up to..


I started weathering with a MiG Dark Wash - this went horribly wrong when I knocked the pot over my bench and into my lap. One pair of jeans ruined and I now have a fine wash bringing out wrinkles where I didn't even know I had them...


..the photo's aren't so good for showing the effects after weathering, but it looks ok to me...






..I then fixed the whole assembly to the nose and added the part I made to house the top of the nose leg...






..then added a small control rod that is part of the retract mechanism..




..finally, it was time to close it all in and add the lower nose casting - I had a gap on the lower edge so used some dark plastruct to close it and not be seen too well from the inside - lots of CA bonded it strongly..




..to get nice clean straight edges to the rear nose door aperture I added some brass 'L' section - I can also use this to fill and sand up to without fear of rounding it as it's pretty tough stuff..




..and a view of the finished structure...




..finally I started cleaning up the joins and have since added a bit of green stuff which can go off overnight...


feels good to be through this bit and can now focus on getting the fuselage ship shape - might do the cockpit next :ninja:




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I hate you, Peter.



But watching your madness is truly inspiring.

As I consider the 'big stuff' on my list awaiting TLC I see a lot of useable tips and tricks in your method.

Not a lotta interest, personally, in the F7F but it's really impressive to see one developing in this scale.


Beautiful work.



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Guest Peterpools


As always ... simply brilliant work.

BTW, I just finished the Typhoon's IP last night with the Airscale upgrade set  and what a difference... she sure looks sweet.

Keep 'em coming


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What is there to say?


It's hard to find satisfactory superlatives to describe modelling of this calibre.


I think all I can do is admire what's going on since I can't find the words to convey how much I'm enjoying this experience.


Please keep it up Peter and thank you for enriching our modelling lives to such an extent.



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evening ladies :)


thanks for all your kind comments - it keeps me going when things get tough!


so a few more dolly steps forward towards my bench being well and truly dominated by this monster - I keep dinging the fuselage on tools, lamps, my bench edges etc - I think I will need a bigger bench by the time the wings get on..


..last time I had added the lower nose casting so I set about sorting this out with filler, CA & primer - it took a lot of messing about actually as the join kept opening up so it took quite a bit of re-work and so many layers of primer I need to let it go off for a few days to settle down...








..I needed to find something else to do so I started looking at the cockpit area - this is the start of my favourite part of building models and I have a totally blank canvas...


..first I looked at getting the shape of the opening right - after lots of looking at photo's and measuring and an hour or two of playing around with 1mm tape to define the shape, I suddenly realised I was building from a card model so should have a template canopy part...


..I cut it out and got the Airfix Typhoon pilot that came with my test shot and soon got my bearings - it may also proove useful when making the canopy itself..






..something wasn't quite right as things weren't symmetrical and after lots of head scratching I realised one of the cockpit sills was lower than the other, so i had to sort that and reinstate some of the fuselage I had cut away..




..one of the main challenges is going to be building a cockpit into a hole - I figured out the only way will be to make assemblies I can insert - a floor, sides etc..


..the floor won't fit in one piece, so I split it along a break in the real thing's floor at the bottom of the instrument panel..to help figure this out I mocked up a panel shape...




..soon I had the basic inserts for the floor and the sides - this is the start point for a fair bit of work :ninja:




..and how in principle lining the cockpit will work...




..thats it for now, thanks for stopping by...




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