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2 pilots, 2 vertical tails, 2 engines

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Btw, LSP Lee started this sentence, but it's actually what it is ofcourse:




As you can see it has the Verlinden cockpit, and i'm not really sure to use it, since i'd like the "detail" emphasis on the outside, on the "what-if" livery, which i'll not be making public just now... :innocent:

But if this Verlinden cockpit set is not used, maybe someone else may benefit from it............


Anyhow, its livery is pure fictional ofcourse, but in those fictional colors i think the aircraft would have looked different from an operational one, despite the fact that only one example was built and it was decided not to venture into further development for the armed forces.

So i think i'll change some points of detail in order to have a more convincing shape for the intended livery......


i'll keep you all posted,



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Let me guess. It'll be the offical airplane of the Luxembourg Air Force...


aaah, jah....that would be a nice idea, but i think such a paint scheme wouldn't be so "outstanding", i mean the only official "luxembourg air force" livery would be that what is displayed on the nato AWACS  force stationed at nato airbase Geilenkirchen (which is a stone's throw distance from were i live) and that would be a kind of greyish color.....naaah, it's more vibrant in color..... :hmmm:

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Very interesting Jack, not going to do it in Israeli colours are you?


Well, that's a thought, but no...........problem is that early in the progress it WILL be obvious what kind of A10 it will be, so you'll notice it right away.......

Edited by Jack
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I've been thinking of your build, Jack, and what it will be as a "Whiffer"....... I'm going to guess, a bright orange Luftwaffe target tug! Am I close??


ouch, why didn't i think of THAT!!!!!

something just like the orange luftwaffe Canberra, that would be really eyecatching on that twin.......but.....nope!!!

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Another thing is the fact that i'll be changing something "very prominent" on the A10, ....something the jet was made for, or actually "built-around-it", and add to that the fact that by spraying on the basic coloring it MUST  be obvious by then.

But let's not get ahead of things, as you might know by now i'm not of the "fastest" builder in town, so i'll get back to you all....in due time... :piliot:

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You will go for the Netherlands?




nope, but i would have tried that on a F18, since that was a serious suggestion by "the high echelons in aviation" overhere a couple of months ago, trying to figure out a "better" replacement than the F35.

Funny thing in that option was the fact that way back in history, the forerunner of the Hornet, the Cobra F17, was a serious competitor in the followup on the F104 starfighter (which eventually turned out to be the F16),

but that's a whole other story.........

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