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Harrier GR 7 , Norway 2004 ZD379 questions

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Wondered if anyone is able to help me with a few questions over the configuration of the Harrier GR 7 ZD379 that is depicted in the Zotz sheet Harriers Over Albion: GR.7 in RAF Service.


I have the Trumpeter GR 7 kit, AiresAV-8B cockpit set, Wolfpack GR7/9 cockpit set and the wolfpack gr7/9 update set (with the 100% LERX).


Plan was to use the aires pit and the wolfpack Mk.12 seat because the detail in the wolfpack pit is not that good. I have read conflicting info about the LERX, do I use what's on the kit for the ZD379, or go with the wolfpack LERX 100%.


I know that the nose on the kit is not quite the right shape but I don't believe there is a aftermarket correction. Is there arything else I need to look at? I also read that maybe ZD379 was in fact a GR 9 !


Thanks for reading.

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I can tell you that currently the Wolfpack products are probably the only available option.


An Italian modeller released some excellent small production resin sets to correct the Trumpeter Harriers and to add the Brit peculiarities. His ID was Piero on Britmodeler. His sets were really excellent and reasonably priced. So, indeed, a corrected nose has been released but I doubt it is still available.


Andy showed you most of the pictures we used when Eli made the set. By the way, the arctic scheme airframes were discussed some time ago on LSP and a picture showing one with at least one training Maverick missile under the port wing appeared.





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