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Sprue Brothers Update 5-1-19 see last post for Update!!

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As we transition form Direct sales to sale through Sprue Brothers, it will take some time to get SB stocked with entire line.   To start with our most popular items are being carried with new items and restocks taking place every few days.   Here is a link to SB:  




http://store.spruebrothers.com/category_s/2361.htm?searching=Y&sort=3&cat=2361&show=60&page=1&brand=GT Resin


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Thanks Bill!



Stupid question though, you state that there's an RF-4C cockpit for the Tamiya kit. What about the recce nose for this kit?

The C weasel will be out the end of June-Mid July.    The Recce conversion will be in the fall.  Work is going very well, but we are moving in August September so nothing will get done with new products for a month or so.   I will have enough stock to fill order though.



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Just a question Gary, what is exactly the difference between those 2 sets :



  F-4E ARN-101 Super Set for Revell  with FULL COCKPIT, Exhausts        $70     

Includes new full Cockpit set, ARN-101 Antenna, Correct fin cap, and TISEO


 F-4E ARN-101 Cockpit for Revell        $50    $70 with exhaust set

Complete cockpit with ARN-101 antenna,  UHF, and TISEO with clear lens




Thanks !

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