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More info HERE


thanks Brian


sorry for the silly question but was browsing on phone earlier and let's just say that 4G was not co-operating!





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Hey everyone,  thanks for stoping by the “forum warming† I uses you would call it.    I figured since all got started to make this stuff for all of us, that this was the next step.  Kevin and the staff have been very gracious and I needed a place to post new products, updates, correct my screw-ups, and post photos and info to make using our products as enjoyable and fun as possible.   Tina and I do the best we can, and many other including some folks here are working hard to make modeling better, and I hope it shows.   We are also human and not perfect, so if you have a problem please don't panic, just let us know and give us the chance to address it.  If you have an idea, let's hear it.


I will be checking in at least once a day, and try to answer question.  If other can help out as Brian gracious did, ( thanks, Brian ) please go right ahead.

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